Friday, 9 November 2012

When you haven't got it...oh how you want it

It's true, It's not until you don't have it you realize you want it. Need it. Are desperate for it.

What's it?

The internet of course. I have very limited net at the moment, and a book out. Silver Silk Ties, book one of The House on Silk Street series came out on 8th November. I had no net, and couldn't shout about it like I wanted to. Thank goodness for friends who did it for me.

I have net for a while so of course I have to brag...I love this cover.

Whoever would have known 20 or gulp even longer years ago how important the net would be? (Says she who skipped out of computer programming classes) Even for us Ebook writers as recent as 3 or 4 years ago. I got my first ereader, a Sony almost as soon as it came out in Britain, that was I think 4 years ago. i was considered to be a freak! No paper? Oh it won't catch on.

Well lucky for me and many other writers it did. And here we are today. A nice easy, convenient way to read. Especially on holiday.

I used to take a book a day, and then farm my clothes out into everyone else's suitcases. Not any more! Now I take one paperback, for take off and landings and my kindle. Well okay two kindles, one a fire and one a touch, but a lot less than the dozen plus books I used to have. And I am sorted. Happy, and if I can't find anything to read? find wi fi and download one.  Sorted.

So A big thumbs up for ereaders, sun, sea, and er well you can guess the rest.

Happy reading,

R x

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  1. Oh I'll definitely be checking this one out Raven!

    I'm a newbie to the ereaders, but since getting my kindle I love love love it!!!!! I think I probably spend more on books now on kindle than I used to in paperback!