Sunday, 18 November 2012

six sunday... Silver Silk Ties

Today's six are from Silver Silk Ties, 

released by

available from them,

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"My lord, I need, I want...ah..." He lifted her skirts and his finger began to flirt with her cunt. Ara knew it would take very little for her to lose all rationale and to fall over the cliff into a deep compelling orgasm. He touched her quim, and played her like the virtuoso he undoubtedly was.
Her breath hitched and her honey pot swelled under his skillful ministrations; the tingling in her body intensified—it had been so long since any fingers other than her own had sought to arouse her thus—and she writhed against him, begging for more. With a low laugh, he inserted one, and then two fingers deep into her cunt and pushed.

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  1. A hot six, Raven :-)

  2. ::fanning self:: That is a very spicy six! One thing I love about historicals? You can use words like honeypot and quim and it sounds perfectly natural. :-)

  3. thank you all kindly. Yes I love the language of regency times, so much elegance.