Monday, 26 November 2012

RED is ... HOT... 10 things you MUST know about Red...Red Hot by Ann B Harrison



1. Six foot, two inches, auburn hair long enough to run your fingers through and grip tight while... um let's not go there just yet. We just met. He has the most beautiful emerald eyes and toned body though that I, sorry that you can drool over.

2. Releases his sexual tension riding his Ducati down the coast road when all he wants is the right woman to take him to bed and love him for what he is.

3. Geeky scientists are cool - really they are. Look at Red. He's hot!!!

4. Grew up the only child of a dyed in the wool scientist who couldn't see past his microbes and germs. Is it any wonder Red has grown up challenged in the dating game?

5.He would rather lay down his beloved Ducati on the road than run over a small animal. Awwhhhhhhhh.

6.He has no idea how drop dead gorgeous he is, but I do and I kiss and tell.

7.Blind as a bat without his thick lensed glasses. They make him look more of a nerd than what he is.

8. He is floored by the fact that Rhian can take him to bed and blow his mind on their second meeting. He would be horrified/impressed if he found out she had to hold herself back on the day she picked him up from the road.

9. Not only is he sensitive to animals but he would rather work for very little than design popular drugs that only the rich could afford. What a sweet guy.

10.As a small boy, he was told Father Christmas didn't exist. Or super hero's for that matter. His father wanted him to grow up with the truth, even if it hurt him to start with.


An erotic contemporary romance with paranormal elements.
Total honesty or hot sex. Will their love survive both?

To ward off his sexual frustration, Red Douglas rides his motorbike up the coastal highway pushing the limits of speed and endurance.
When he crashes at the front door of local witch, Rhian Gallagher, she takes it as a sign the Fates have listened to her plea to end the man drought in her life. Determined to take the shy scientist under her wing and into her bed as soon as possible, Rhian patches him up after his accident.
Will the explosive sex between them be enough to convince Red his scientific view of the world can be reconciled with Rhian’s witchcraft?

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  1. This sounds an intriguing read, and red sounds hot. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I am in the middle of enjoying Red and Rhian's story right now. Hot!

  3. Whoa, this sounds like a fabulous read. I love a sexy nerd!

  4. Raven, I cannot get the link to work. Nor can I find it on amazon. Can you help?? Who doesnt love a sexy hot nerd?? Rawr!!!!
    lisakhutson @ cox. net

  5. I love a man with red hair! This sounds really good.

  6. Oh Raven, tell Ann I think she has hooked me again!! Damn but he sounds HAWT!

  7. Thanks Ladies, you make me proud to be a writer with these comments. And yes, Red is very hot.