Sunday, 25 November 2012

Smack my hands I'm too late...

Tea (well wine) and sympathy please, I was too late to sign for Six Sunday. This is no ones fault except mine. I've spent all week thinking, sign up, I must sign up. So in the early hours of Sunday, I switch on lap down! Head bangs on desk.

I go to bed, and get up early to try again. I'd forgotten all the clock changes and I'm too late. My ICal now has a big reminder scrawled all over it!

It's been one helluva month. I've been on holiday, and oh how I've enjoyed myself. I was somewhat uncertain if I'd get on the net at all but yay, only one place didn't have it at all. One tried to change their minds about it being free, but DH soon sorted that out. Their excuse? Well you've never needed it before ...(He stays there a lot for work.) His reply? Well I do now!

One other place was amazed when I said why don't they promote the fact they have free wi-fi? After all, when some places want to charge you $20-40 a day, free wi-fi is a wondrous thing. Especially when you're inbox stalking.

Anyway, holidays. It's complicated because you don't want to advertise you're away and the house is empty, but you want to share all the great times you've had, and all the amazing places you went to.

This is Canal Rocks in Western Australia

So I was able to inbox stalk. Schedule a couple of blogs, and chat on facebook. Email the kids and keep in touch.

When I think the first few times we went abroad, you'd have to queue at a phone box, to ring home and say you'd arrived safely, and that was it. Now we send texts and emails for instant connection, and it's great. The net has transformed our lives.

Not that I think mobile phones are always a good thing. Hint to DH, checking your emails on top of a hill in the Lake District or at a very nice restaurant is not very romantic!

And getting a phone call the minute you land in Perth, Western Australia from a colleague of DH who wants to know if he'll be back in the office later, because  he thought DH had gone to Perth Scotland, a mere 40 miles away. Er no...

However, to be able to talk, check on things and yes Inbox stalk is amazing. Not that I chose our hotels etc by the fact they have free wi-fi, but it doesn't half sway me :)

We flew to Hong Kong, where DH worked and I er worked, although my working was lap top by the pool, and sightseeing ...for research you understand! (oh and testing the you do.)
After a couple of glasses I could almost look at the view from the 76th floor pool...Almost. 

I confess I didn't go that close to the glass wall...

And so on. No I won't bore you with all my holiday stories and snaps. We met up with friends, caught up with gossip, had great food and wine and came home refreshed.

Well I did, because DH had to stop on and work. 

I say refreshed, because I got all half way around the world with no hiccups...until I was back in blighty!

The landing into Glasgow was the worst I've ever had and believe me you rarely get a smooth landing there. The plane was going up and down, slower then faster and the noise the wind made...Well lets just say if the characters from someones zombie or vamp book has sat beside me I wouldn't have batted an eyelid. At one point even the cabin crew's eyes widened. That might have been when the emergency exit signs started flashing!

Anyway we landed, I drove home, through ever deepening and lengthening puddles. I got to one bit that usually floods and there was nothing. Woo Hoo I thought, I'll be home soon.

How wrong can a girl be? It was ten hours later! I got to within an mile of home, to find our village flooded. Luckily I have a friend who lives the town side of the flood, and up a hill so she took pity on me.Fed me, watered me (wined me lol) and had a bed ready for me if it was needed. Thankfully I managed not impose on her too long, and by 9pm was at home. But oh so tired. They say you don't get jet lag coming east to west, nevertheless I was shattered. Though I managed to stay awake to revert to UK time, I was still swaying.

After that you'd have thought DH would be fine. Hahahaha. No his plane from Heathrow was 'poorly' and he finally got in two hours late. And two hours later had to go out for work! So no wonder I forgot to sign up for six sunday.

And so I'd better do a wee plug or two.

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happy reading,

R x


  1. I look for free wi-fi too. Why wouldn't you when it costs so much for a holiday anyway.
    And there is no way in hell I would go anywhere near that glass wall either. A shame you didnt get to my side of Australia, maybe next time.

  2. I feel queasy just looking at a picture of that view!!! Love hearing about the adventures you get up to, Raven :-)

  3. You certainly had an adventure, Raven! No wonder you're a writer with experiences like that ;)

    Great to have you back! x

  4. Blimey, you don't do things by halves! At least you're both home now and hopefully in line for some relaxation.

    The way the rain has been coming down here, I hope you're not flooded again! x