Sunday, 16 September 2018

#SexySnippets with a man and a problem

Hi again, and welcome to this week's #SexySnippets

Where I'm teasing you with a man and a problem...

(From Taking his Human, which is out for consideration at the moment)

(He's met up with his designated mate again and he's been told she won't remember him.)

“Where do I know him from?”
Or maybe she did, even if she hadn’t realized and if so life was about to become complicated.
His lady was feisty, a fury when roused and perfect to stand up to him when needed and melt when not. Now they had the chance to show what could have been, and he guessed what had to be, he had to persuade her of that fact. He took hold of her wrist with his free hand and got a sense of satisfaction as her pulse sped up—not in fear, but in arousal. She might not realise that...he did, and it was welcome. Life was going to be hard enough without having to show her how well they fitted together and how they were connected, whatever she said to the contrary.

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  1. Such an intriguing snippet. Hope you hear soon :)

  2. I'm intrigued too.
    Best of luck with the submission.

  3. Very intriguing snippet. I want to know more.