Monday, 10 September 2018

#SexySnippets where Lorcan gets testy and Celie gets a taste of her own medicine

Hi all welcome to my late #SexySnippets.

I glutenised myself somehow last week, and yesterday couldn't get the energy to do anything. I didn't even switch my lap top on. (I must have felt bad)

But I'm still going to show you my seven sentences. Taken from my short and hopefully hot shifter story, Taking his Human. It's another Cats of Craig Mhor story (Like Cat with the Blue Eyes)


Celie is having a bad day. As if it wasn’t bad enough that some complete lunatic stalks her, demanding she’s his mate, her hot as hades rescuer turns out to be just as deluded.
Mates? Wild Cats? Kidnapping? Plane rides to Scotland?
So not on this teacher’s to do list for the day.
Wild cat shifter Lorcan had to let Celie go a long time ago. He’s not about to let her get away from him a second time. This woman has always been his and it’s time to show her that.
The future of the Dowt and their personal happiness is at stake here. He’s not called the executor for nothing.
All he has to do is convince one little human spitfire of that.

And your seven sentences...

"Why, yes, I am a Dom, yes I am an Alpha and yes I’d like nothing more than to have you shackled to my bed, with my hand on your ass, and making damned sure you knew you belonged to me.”
He never even noticed her hand until it connected with his cheek.
Lorcan saw red. He didn’t give a thought to where they were, or even what her reaction meant. He grabbed her by the waist, put her face down over his knee and gave her bottom three hard spanks.

“That’s for your sass. Now you know what a punishment spank feels like, you’ll enjoy the one for pleasure so much more.”

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Happy reading,

love Raven xx

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