Wednesday, 5 September 2018

#MidWeekTease with a hot as hades memory...

A big hi this week, as I'm at the nail biting, is this latest which Doris has to 'redit' crap, and where are my yes, no, or r'n'r's for the ones out on sub?

Anyway now that's off my chest (gives the girls space) I can decide what to tease you with.

*Thinks for a second*

Right here we go...

this is from the m/s that I think is pants... I mean allegedly, a hot sexy shifter story...and *headsdesk* no current sex or current shifting in it.

What was I thinking? Well, as I'd written about the previous sex and shifting, I don't think I was thinking. just a bit hot and bothered.

and this is why...


It was only dreams, it had to be. Of long summer holidays in Scotland at her Granny’s house. Where granny made black bun and oatcakes, Dundee cake rich with fruit and fed most of the local children with it.
Of amber eyes boys who laughed and teased, shimmied up trees and hid and let those elusive Scottish wild cats dance around her. Those cats themselves, so unafraid and fearless, as they chose to stay in her orbit. Of one cat in particular. Whose eyes shone like the sun or became unfathomable and a smooth silky grey when the mood took him. Allowing her to pet him as if he were as domestic and tamed.
Of a somber-eyed lad who made sure she came to no harm. Helped her climb, scrump for apples and took her raspberry picking to make pocket money.
Whose face was forever in shadow. Except for those eyes. Eyes which seemed to see right into her soul.
Of innocent touches, that became bolder, hotter and showed her how the right person could affect her in such a way. And how she could, and did affect him.
How they learned, and laughed together, shared secrets and talked of ‘one day soon’.
And still, try as she might, she couldn’t see his face clearly.
 Of his mouth on her breast, teasing tugging, nipping until she was hot and wet. His hands, firm as he stroked her from head to toe, his long fingers that he pushed gently and them with assertion inside her. The way he played with her clit until she throbbed, telling her how good she was, how perfect it all was. Then his voice deep with arousal and dominance saying... “come for me. Come now.”
Of a young man, who, stood tall as he told her he wouldn’t be there if she came again. Who drew her close to him, and whispered in her ear.
“If only we had a future. But you have to follow your dreams, and I...” he sighed and his face in the shadows was ashen, “I have to follow orders.”
“Then can I order you...” she smiled, confident in what she wanted. “To take me and show me just this once, how it could be when I feel you inside me.”

And in her dreams he laughed and did so, with the words, “this is the first and last time I’m not in charge. If only I could show you, my pet, how our life could have been if things could be different. With me as your Dom and...”

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Happy reading,

love Raven xx