Sunday, 2 September 2018

#SexySnippets. Voice found, muse shouting, but do I have time...

And that's it in a nutshell.

Hello, and welcome to this week's #SexySnippets. Where my muse is up and roaring and I'm racing against time.

This is the current shouting, bawling hurry up and write me WIP.

I'm not even going to say much about it except it's a Cats of Craig Mhor story.


(Unedited word vomit)

 She held her breath as his breath feathered across her neck and he dropped quick, stinging, nibbling kisses along the nape. Slowly he lifted her arms high anchored her top over her bust and uncovered her breasts.
“Take it off,” she pleaded, “and then yours, I need to feel you, touch you, take you.”
Naked, together, he held her hands high, bent his head and took each nipple into his mouth and bit—the sort of bite to make her writhe and scream. Three fingers delved into her channel, scraped the sides and made her tingle, heat up, pant, know what was about to happen, embrace the anticipated pleasure pain as....he pinched her clit.
“Come now, give me your climax, sweet Celie.”
She screamed and fell over into the abyss—and was immediately cold.

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