Monday, 18 September 2017

The Gluten-free Authors guide to goodies Or not...

And here we go again...

Food glorious food...

I've had the good luck to have been able to visit friends and family this last week or so, and sampled some interesting food. Both good and bad.

To my amazement, in a well recommended restaurant, I was told by a chef that his rib-eye on the bone could not possible be tough and overcooked. Believe me it was. I had pointed it out when I was asked how it was. I explained that I had asked for it medium and it was, to put it politely, overcooked for well done, let alone medium. My friends agreed with me, and refrained from saying as tough as leather sprang to mind. 

The chef then decided I had no idea what rib eye was (I do) and began to lecture me. Public relations? Hello...
I answered with restraint (somehow) that indeed I did know what rib eye, and medium cooked was.  
He ignored me, and said no one had ever said his food was appalling. When I pointed out nor had I he got very angry. Yeah...

So, my bad, I said okay then, yes it was appalling. Not a good experience, especially as the day before in a out of the way pub, I'd eaten a beautiful, perfectly cooked steak and crispy chips.

It got better though. A lot better. I went further south and had fantastic gluten free battered fish at The Cock in St Albans, and the odd g-f bacon sarnie elsewhere. 

It's so good to see how a lot of places are now experimenting with g-f batter. Palermo's Balloch, on the shores of Loch Lomond, Godfrey's in Harpenden,  and yee haa, The Forth Inn in Aberfoyle. All are great. Oh there's lots more, but they are off the top of my head.

So why don't we always get good crisp g-f chips?

Now though, it's no more chocolate mousse, g-f buns and cakes time. (I swear I put on half a stone) At least salad is g-f. Well except in a restaurant in Venice, where they insisted I couldn't eat salad! Ah well, luckily, as ever I had a g-f bar in my handbag. A bit squashed, but oh so welcome.

Happy eating,

love Raven x

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