Wednesday 20 September 2017

#MidWeekTease with an intrigue that makes you wonder... I hope

It's #MidWeekTease time and I'm taking you back to 1818. My favourite year in Regency times. Where Evangeline is trying to discover her past to ensure she has a future...

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So... *drum roll* here is your tease

If he fancied he heard her laugh and imagined he saw her skirts whisking around a corner, he didn’t admit it. But when he picked up a hairpin and put it through his lapel, he admitted one thing
He needed to sort himself out and fast.
Gibb went back to town in a somber mood, spent most of his time ensconced in his study and thought things over as best he could.
On the tenth night he once again eschewed all invitations and sat in his study with a large dram.
He’d done enough agonizing, now it was make his mind up time. Gibb remembered something his first tutor had told him. If in doubt, make lists. One pro and one con. Sad though that might be, in this case it could just help him. He’d second-guessed himself so much he was dizzy. Gibb scrabbled in a drawer and found a writing tablet and a pencil and drew a line from top to bottom down the center of the tablet. Then he nibbled the end of the pencil before wrinkling his brow and spitting into his handkerchief. The pencil’s taste was disgusting. It served him right for prevarication. Quickly, before he filled his mouth with the taste of lead again, he began to write.
What con? Makes me think? Surely that is a good thing? Makes me aware? Ditto. He mentally shrugged. Perhaps a pro list would help him to decide on the cons?
Like a lot.
Doesn’t bore me, or asked for more than I have been able to give.
Feisty .
No, not a contradiction.
Interesting, articulate and a good listener. A good heart.
The last word made him jerk, stab the page and drop his pencil, but not before it slashed a large line across the vellum, scoring into the sheet below. It amused him to see it had put a thick, dark line though the cons part of his cogitations.
Suddenly it all seemed oh so simple. Evangeline was nothing like Hester. The one thing they had in common was their sex. What a fool he was.
He added three words in capitals to his pro list. I love her.
I love her.
He almost jumped up to shout it to the world. Coeur. Now he had to tell her and hope to hell she believed him. 

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love Raven x


  1. I ALWAYS love your Regency teases, Raven -- SO good.

  2. Regency is one of my guilty pleasures. Love the tease and best of luck with the new book!

  3. Ah, he has it bad. Gotta love that moment of realisation :-)

  4. It sure does make me wonder. Lovely teaser, Raven :-)