Sunday, 17 September 2017

#SexySnippets Which is subtle and maybe not sexy?

Hi all, how quickly this week seems to have gone. One minute I was deciding what to do for last Sunday's #SexySnippets and here I am again doing the very same thing.

I love this, so a mega thanks to Doris O'Connor for setting it up, and monitoring it. It really is appreciated.

Okay, I've been sneaky this week. My YA series The Shalean Moon (as J Lilley)  is being reissued, and I am so in love with the cover. Now don't get me wrong, I won't post from there, but I've started writing the final story in the series and that is more a NA story. So... No sex but Struan is examining his prior actions and wondering why...

(and because it is so lovely I've added the cover of the first book, which is now in paperback and ebook and suitable for everyone from teens to whenever...)

Struan, the 'baddie' of the first 7 books, is now in his twenties, cast out of the sept, with no powers and trying to live his life as best he can.

It wasn't that he understood why he'd been as he was. Jealousy no doubt. Envy, oh yes, a need for friends, definitely, and now?
Now he wished he had someone to share his life with. Someone like...
Struan stopped that train of thought in its tracks. She might be everything he wanted in a woman—even if she wasn't Shalean—but with his history, and her friends and relatives? It was as likely as Shalea accepting he wanted to atone for his sins and be accepted into the sept once more. Become one of of the good Shaleans.

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Happy reading,

love Raven x