Sunday 10 September 2017

#SexySnippets with a French knife thrower who has a hankering for a unpleasant gentlemen's sweetbreads...

Welcome to this week's #SexySnippets, which I want to say is brought to you thanks to the dedication of my bestie, and mother to my grandson, Doris O'Connor. She's the one who sorts out the link every week so we can do these #SexySnippets and you the reader can enjoy them.

Seven sentences from a book or WIP 

I had no idea what to use for this weeks #SexySnippets, but as I have a Regency story, The Duke's Temptation, (Totally Bound)  on preorder from the 19th and that is only just over a week away, I thought I'd tease you from there.

(and it is a gorgeous cover) 

 and the blurb...

and yes, I haven't forgotten, your seven sentences...

Gibb blinked as Evangeline moved swift and sure to put one boot-clad foot on Crowe’s chest and point a knife at his gonads. She was fast.
“You know, m’sieur?” she said almost conversationally, “in my country sweetbreads are a delicacy much enjoyed. I would enjoy trying them.” She licked her lips in such a suggestive way Gibb’s body became taut with tension. “After...” Her voice trailed off and the knife moved an inch or so closer to Crowe’s skin.

Gibb winced and his hands moved involuntarily to cover himself as his stomach lurched. She seemed a might too knowing of just what make a male cringe.

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  1. LOL, I can so picture that scene. Great snippet, Raven :-)