Sunday, 21 August 2016

#SexySnippets from #TeamHarry where he wonders...rather a lot

...which will be named and have a cover reveal tomorrow,at 3pm...

'Be gentle, Harry, she’s not the sort who understands innuendo and the badinage you men enjoy with ladies of a more robust nature. Lydia is a quiet, biddable sweet young thing who would make any man a dutiful wife.’
His godmother sounded so certain, Harry wondered if he had imagined those few moments of vivacity from Lydia earlier. Maybe it was down to her situation at that time? Although the thought of Lydia naked writhing under him in excstacy as he discovered the true woman beneath the prim and proper and boring persona she presented, was enough for him to rue how tight his clothes were.

Harry smiled vaguely, discretely adjusted his now more than interested cock and ran his finger around the top of the immaculate cravat that threatened to choke him. 
Whatever, he still intended to carry out his plan.

This is on Amazon as book 7 for preorder. 

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Happy reading, and roll on Monday at 3pm Uk time
love, Raven x