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#SexySnippets Where Fraser bemoans his lack of exercise

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The Scottish Lord's Secret Bride
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Secrets never stay buried for long…

Reluctant heiress Lady Morven Weston is tired of her mother interfering in her love affairs. At twenty-six there’s only so many more society balls she can attend before resigning herself to life as an unmarried maid.

But when Lord Fraser Napier, the man Morven ran wild with one long, hot summer, returns to Scotland, his shocking revelations change everything. Fraser never annulled their whirlwind marriage all those years ago!

Preparing to take up his ancestral seat, Fraser’s
not letting go of his secret bride that easily – he needs an heir. It’s only a matter of time before Morven surrenders to Fraser’s seductive touch and finds herself in his arms 

And your #SexySnippet

Just like me the poor horse hasn’t been getting enough good vigorous exercise.’ He slanted a look at her and held his arms up to let her fall into them and be lifted to the ground.
‘Ohh dear,’ Morven cooed the words as her booted feet hit the hard-packed earth of the dairy yard. ‘That can’t be good for either of you, so surely we can rectify that? The horse during the day and you at night?’ She ran her tongue over her lips and bit the bottom one, to let it go with a gentle plop.
Fraser groaned. ‘For the love of God do not do that, not now when my cock is about ready to peer over the top of my buckskins.’

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