Friday, 22 July 2016

chair swivel jiggle and tgif it's release day for The End Game by Kera Faire

Yeah just got to do it...

It's no secret that Kera Faire is my, ie Raven's alter ego. The darker side.
Well it's all about hats really. 

I find it helps to get me into the mindset I need to sit down at my lap top (wherever I happen to be) and put on the correct mental hat.
Then I'm ready to write. 

I can write anywhere. Most of you (I hope) will have read my posts about that. You know, blokes reading my WIP on my lap top on a plane.

Tapping away as I sit on a hotel bathroom floor in the early hours,so I don't wake my lovely hubby up. 

Sitting by a pool and chatting to someone who then becomes a fantastic writer. (Hi Faberge) 
and so on.

But each time I have my mental hat on. Raven regency, Raven contemporary, BDSM, shifters or whatever.

And now Kera for those slightly darker stories.
As the Kera bio says...

A Scottish-based author with the love of the unexpected, Kera writes stories to make your heart miss a beat. Living in the land of spirits helps her to get into the right frame of mind, and find light in the dark side of life.

That's about right I hope.

Anyway today *drum roll* 

The End Game is out

From Evernight Publishing ~~by clicking here~~

Or from Amazon, Are and Bookstrand

Excited? You bet. Not only are these covers by Jay Aheer so amazing I cried when I saw them (happy tears), I had so much fun (and shivers of both the scary and the erotic type) writing about Astrid and Darke, Kirsten and Mac and now Emma and Milo. Oh and of course adapting an island on Loch Lomond for my Darke Isle. If I head to the lochside nearest to my house I can look over the water and see it.
Perfect. Lucky me. There's nothing nicer than being able to set a book somewhere you know.

And nothing nicer than being able to drool over such fantastic covers.

To celebrate the release of The End Game I have a copy of either of the first two books to give away to two commenters, chosen at random. 

Of course you have to comment to have a chance to win. Mind you I'd love you to comment anyway. Just so I know I'm not writing this for the benefit of the woodpecker and the two squirrels who are staring at me through the study window. It's their not so subtle way of saying 'oy, fill the nut holder up'. 
So of course that's where I'm going now,

happy reading,

love Kera/Raven...



  1. Raven, yes I can totally confirm that you do write anywhere! Poolside, South Africa, white wine in one hand, laptop on your lap.
    And it's contagious!


    Here's a link to my review of The End Game. I gave it 5 orgasms, which equates to 5 stars. An excellent read!

  3. Me the hard copy:

    I’ll admit it, I had a huge fangirl squee moment when this book came out. Honestly, I was pretty excited when I heard it was coming out as I’m a huge fan of Kera’s in the first place. While I’ve gotten ARC’s from her before, I just couldn’t wait and bought it when it went live.

    In this third installment of Death Isle, we have Emma McKay, ex-obstetrician, baker, and sleeper agent. She’s now become active thanks to a traitorous boyfriend of her bff’s. She’s none too happy about the fact that she has to do something that will in turn hurt her friend, but she hasn’t trusted Bryan from the get go.

    She’s also Crabtree’s step-daughter, and because of that, it places her in danger as she soon finds out. She has to deal with the outcome by visiting Death Isle, and runs into Milo Dorn, ex-veterinarian, now cleaner. Things between them become explosive, but Emma’s secrets may keep them from finding happiness. And just what is up with Bryan? You’ll definitely want to grab a copy of The End Game and find out.

    I loved this book, as I have all of Kera’s books to date. Some American readers may have a little trouble with UK wording, but frankly, I think that’s half the charm in these books. My only issue? Too short, I so wanted more, but as Kera herself has said, “That’s as long as they made it.” Characters do tell their stories, long or short.