Sunday, 13 March 2016

#SexySnippets Where Caness wonders if she's lost the plot...

#SexySnippets time again

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Hi all, and welcome to #SexySnippets.

Seven sentences from a book or WIP.

Today I'm taking my #SexySnippets from Dominant Persuasions, the BDSM anthology I'm privileged to be part of.

In Monsoon season, in Hong Kong, anything can happen…
Even so, the last thing Caness Clacher expected was to meet a Dom.
The very man who made her want to sink to her knees and say, ‘Yes, Sir’.
Unbeknown to her Patrick Lim had waited a long time to claim Caness as his sub.
Without electricity and with a monsoon raging, it’s time to explore their desires.
Will the elements work in their favor or not…

Only time—and a scene—will tell.~

and your #SexySnippets

~“Lovely isn’t it,and it would suit you, Caness.” The velvet tones with a hint of an accent she couldn’t place curled around her like a warm security blanket. They were so mesmeric her mouth became dry and her clit tightened into a painful throbbing nub. Lord, she hadn’t felt such an instantaneous reaction since her first date with the school lothario, and that had ended once he’d opened his mouth and talked rubbish.
“That and nothing else,” the stranger said with a definite note of authority in his voice. “On your knees, before me.”
Her legs began to dip before she came out of her 
reverie and straightened. What the hell—had she really been going to assume the position of a perfect sub, in public and no doubt in a puddle?~

In case you're interested Dominant Persuasions is out on 29th but you can preorder it on Amazon.

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