Sunday, 6 March 2016

#SexySnippets Limits in a monsoon

Hi all. Having just returned from a fantastic holiday in glorious South Africa, I'm shivering as I type this. Even so my #SexySnippets today is from my story In his Hands, from the Dominant Persuasions anthology.

In Monsoon season in Hong Kong, anything can happen…Even so, the last thing Caness Clacher expected was to meet a Dom. The very man who made her want to sink to her knees and say, ‘Yes, Sir’. Unbeknown to her Patrick Lim had waited a long time to claim Caness as his sub. Without electricity and with a monsoon raging, it’s time to explore their desires. Will the elements work in their favor or not… Only time—and a scene—will tell.

Within minutes she was damn sure she’d left a damp patch on the seat. 

God it made her hot and bothered just reading the possible limits. 

Caness bent her head and addressed the first side of the papers and swallowed heavily. 

Good lord, ball gags and shackles—that should send her running for the hills, not running for her lady pads. Even though she didn’t fancy the gag at all and that was a hard limit—she ticked that box most emphatically—it still made the pulse between her legs throb hard. 

The shackles now… mmm. She ticked soft, then scrawled it out and wrote, Yes, as long as I can cry red if I hate it, not certain enough about it to say it was totally okay, but intrigued as to how it would feel to be unable to move whilst Patrick… Patrick did… Did what?

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Happy reading,

love R x