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#MidWeekTease How to cope with a gun pointed at your gonads

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It's time to find out what's happening at Diomhair...

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—What happens at Diomhair, stays there—

Secrets Dispelled is book six and the last book in my Diomhair series :( 

At the moment anyway. It's up for preorder on 22nd March from Totally Bound. As I've got so much going on at the moment, lots of books due and several on preorder, it was hard to chose just which to highlight. But Secrets Shared hasn't been shared much, so here we go...

~“It’s not loaded.” Coll made his tone as confident as anyone could with a gun pointed at their gonads. He had no idea if it was or wasn’t, but whoever she was carried it well enough to make him think she was too experienced not to have the bloody thing unloaded.
He hoped.
His mystery lady blinked again. “Shwhat?” She looked down at the gun and shook her head. “Whosh says?”
“You did.” Now he had to hope if she was concussed as he assumed, she had no idea what she had and hadn’t said.
“Oh, bugger.” She swung the gun towards a tree a fair few yards away and pressed the trigger.
Coll ducked as bits of bark and leaves flew in all directions.
She looked at the gun like she’d never seen it before and broke it open. Then she stared at Coll.
“You lied.”
Before he had a chance to reply, his mystery lady slid like an overcooked noodle onto the wet ground.
Coll stared at the woman—no, girl, he amended as he took a proper look at the person slumped in front of him and wondered what he’d done to deserve it. Or what she had either.
Something stunk, and it wasn’t just the wet vegetation. He studied the area they were in carefully, but nothing or no one disturbed the rain. Just him and an unconscious female.
At least it had stopped hailing and sleeting but it was almost dark, murky and bloody miserable. The last thing he could do was leave the girl outside in the damp and wait for her to wake up. She needed warmth and dry as soon as possible.
Was it safe to move her? He shrugged mentally. It was a lot safer than getting pneumonia, and he reckoned it should be okay, especially after she’d been able to stand upright—sort off—and shoot. Anyway he really didn’t have much choice. He made sure she was in sight as he picked up the shotgun, broke it open and checked it was empty. Now what? Coll would be the first person to admit he knew about as much of guns as most people knew about his personal preferences. To whit Shibari, scribing and clamps.
Coll made his mind up in his course of action. He walked to where the quad bike had stopped, aware it was probably hers and found a gun carrying bag. Still with half his mind on the girl, he put the shotgun in it, slung the bag over his shoulders and walked back to lift the still unconscious female into his arms.
Bloody hell. Coll grunted as he shifted her to an easier position for him to walk—she was no lightweight, and sodden outdoor clothing and heavy boots didn’t help.
She muttered something incoherent and he waited to see if she’d say anymore, but there was silence. The sooner he got her indoors, the better.
He began to walk briskly down the drive towards the house, very aware that if she woke up in his arms, she might well carry out her threats and make sure fatherhood was nowhere in his future.
It was almost enough to make him drop her and cover his nuts.~

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