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#MidWeekTease How to deal with a man you've just shot

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Where I'm cracking open the bubbly, because Lord Highwayman the next stories in my Cursed Treasure series was released yesterday...

and YEE HAA it's an editor's pick.

Because I love the Jay Aheer created covers of this series so much, I've used the banner of all five of them today, even though my #MidWeekTease is from Lord Highwayman...

~When Lady Marielle Birch is kidnapped by a highwayman, neither she not he knew what the outcome would be.

Thrown together when Marielle shoots him, her aristocratic captor, Sylvester, The Earl Of St Stephens, knows he's in deep trouble. After all, how could he not fall in love with her and want her for his wife?
Never mind that if they didn't wed it would be the scandal of the century.~

and your #MidWeekTease

 “Your wish—in this case—my dear, is my command. But before you do, let me swiftly disabuse you of your ingeniously idiotic idea,” Vester said through gritted teeth. “Lord above, woman, you make my head ache almost as much as this arm. Grief, you’ve lived within the ton long enough to know how it works. We’ll be wed, do not think otherwise.”
He smiled and it reminded her of a snake about to strike. Very slowly he moved across the room with unhurried elegance to stand in front of the door, towing her with him. Then he turned until they faced each other a scant foot apart. So close, Marielle thought, that if she took a deep breath her bosom would touch his chest.
 “You do, you know,” he said quietly.
“I do what?” She was no meek and mild simpering debutante to docilely agree with whatever he decreed. Let him declare it once more and let her again refuse. Then perhaps he would understand she was sincere in her statement. She didn’t want to marry him.
Well, she temporized, not like this. The idea of being the one to tame Vester, really tame him, was somewhat attractive.
He stayed silent and took her chin in one hand.  Damn, that sends tingles through me such as Tessa described. Tessa, her elder sister, had once said when a certain man touched her, the tingles went from her breasts to her most intimate parts and back again. Was this what she meant? That urge to say yes please, more and give in to whatever the man decreed? But then Tessa had also said a man needed to work for his dinner. Now Marielle had a rough idea of what her sister meant.

“Think about it,” Vester advised her with a steely quality to his words. “I do not need to spell it out.”

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