Tuesday 21 October 2014

#TT .... where I introduce you to.... Time

Welcome to #TT. 200 words on a picture of your choice.

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He stroked the picture with unsteady hands. Hands that were no longer as smooth as the ones he outlined.
Used his fingers to trace the knuckles, the soft indents between each digit and imagined he could feel the veins.
If he unclasped the fingers, and turned the hands over he'd see calluses and nicks, the signs of men who worked with their hands and wore the scars with pride.
"Alistair and Julian, together forever."
A simple and heartfelt inscription.
If only.
Slowly he let his head fall back onto the chair as he remembered all the years of happiness.
The difficulty of being who and what they were. Of pushing—politely—and refusing to back down, proud of all the facets that made them. The shared laughter and tears that spurred them on. The love and acceptance that made them who they became.
"Alistair and Julian, together forever."
 Something they worked at, played with and made happen.
These last five years had been a glitch. Time where the together was only in the abstract.
But now he knew—that time was to begin again.

Slowly the old man closed his eyes and let himself be called to where his lover waited.


Happy Reading,

Love R x


  1. Oh, Raven, how touching. Even as we age, love is young, the love of another is the sweetest gift, enriching our lives. Only the old and aging really appreciate the real value of the gift of everlasting love. And poets. The young think life and love are forever, not so. Ah, to be reunited in the afterlife; that is forever. Marvelous. xo

  2. A very interesting teaser. A tale of a lifetime in 200 words. Wonderfully done.

  3. Very touching. A whole life brought together as 200 words encapture such precious moments. I love it

  4. A sad introspective look into the lives of two men together no longer, for whatever reason. There is even more sorrow in his last day of life, but hoping to reunite with his partner. I woud love to see this teaser expanded into a more in depth look into their lives. I loved this. Beautifully captured emotions.

  5. Aww, sniff. That was beautiful, Raven xx

  6. This was a beautiful piece.