Sunday, 26 October 2014

#SexySnippets Want to be Dominated by the Earl?

Nora does


Leonora knew she'd wait for Justin to come home. 

She hadn't expected it to be so long or so fraught. 
When Justin joined his regiment, and was sent to the 

continent, Leonora promised to wait for him to 

return. She didn't think it would take so long, or 

she'd have so many difficulties to face. Her life 

changes as she struggles to cope without Justin and 

keep his estate running. 

With someone out to destroy all she holds dear, 

Leonora has to fight for her beliefs and her family, 

and hope they get the happy ever after they deserve.


“Your knowledge, Nora?”

“Nothing, except what I saw when I stumbled upon my maid and a stable” Her voice faltered and he waited patiently for her to continue, soothing his horse with soft strokes as he did so. “It gave me the most exquisite feelings inside, and I... well, I touched myself down there afterwards,” she finished defiantly. She looked away from him and her fingers rubbed against each other. 

He steeled himself not to laugh at her choice of words because he had the feeling his life was about to take a turn for the better. Sadly it would not be for long, but Justin intended to take every opportunity he had to stretch both of them and imprint his life- style and being on her. 


Dominated by The Earl, is an updated and I hope better version of A Matter of Faith (sadly misnamed by yours truly. Faith is a little girl in the story). It's released by Breathlesspress on 21st Novembrr amd is up for preorder now :)

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  1. Sounds sooo hot! I love historical romance with a strong Alpha hero :)

  2. Sounds like the two of them will be having many hot moments together.