Sunday, 1 December 2013

#SexySnippets with Flora from Miss Simpkins' School

She lifted her head up a few inches, and once more the golden flecks in her green eyes glistened in the flickering candlelight. Her face, with its soft glow and a smile of the cat who had the cream,

enchanted him, and he realized he was hungry for her again. He hoped she was as enthralled as he.
“I feel magnificent.” She lifted her arms from his shoulders to stretch high in the air. He missed her touch more acutely than he could have imagined, especially as her legs still held him captive. “Like the sea has caught me and tossed me into the waves, with grains of sand bombarding my skin, abrading my nerve ends in the most arousing way possible.”  

Miss Simpkins' School, where seduction's the game and success is the aim.

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