Monday, 2 December 2013

Monday and YAY

No, I haven't gone mad honestly, it is a YAY-DAY.


Well I heard that one of my Historical stories won a readers choice award in the Everinght Publishung Poll.

Silver Silk Ties is book two of The House on Silk Street series. (A Shimmer of Silk is book one), and it was a total surprise to be nominated, let alone win. So add to this amazing fantastic fact, that I got two runners up awards for anthologies I was in, (Virgin's Behaving Badly, and The Crimson Rope) and yes, fizz is on the cards tonight.

I'm one of the worst people for worrying that my writing just isn't good enough. I know it's improving, even I can see that, but even thought I'm usually a glass half full person, I worry. It might have a lot to do with the fact, that when I write it's just me and the cats, and their support is limited to sitting on the keyboard, or trying to dislodge the lap top. And going out the back door and demanding to be let in through the studio patio window. (At least five times an hour)

I don't want to short change anyone or let anyone down, so I bite my nails and worry. Therefore this is so great. People like what I write. (Yes okay, I'm ignoring the glare from Doris O'Connor, who will be getting annoyed with me :) ) So yee hah and thank you. A big chair swivel jiggle going on here.

And because of that, I'm going to offer up a copy of Silver Silk Ties to one commenter. I need a title for book three in the series. What do you think? It has to have silk in it, is set in Regency England and based around The House in Silk Street where gentlemen go for entertainment of the BDSM kind.

So any ideas?

And a MEGA big hug, and thank you to anyone who nominated and voted for their favorites. Boy does it encourage me to carry on tapping away.

Be good, and Happy Reading,

Love R x


  1. I'm just gonna say I told you so!!!!

    *sticks tongue out*

    Congrats, my lovely!

  2. Wahoooo WTG !!!!

    Hmmm a title for book 3? Kind of hard when you don't know what it's about BUT I'll go with Red Silk Ribbons :) xxx

  3. A touch of silk..... assuming you want silk in the title still :D

    and Congrats I knew you could do it!

  4. Woo Raven!

    How about A Kiss of Silk or The Silken Room?