Friday, 13 December 2013

A bird in the hand

"So how was it for you?" He ran his hand up and down her leg, careful not to snag the fine mesh that covered them.
He laughed. "As good as that eh? Maybe this will be even better?" Carefuly he moved his finger to tease her nether hole. She wriggled and he set down the fire extinguisher.
"Who's forgotten the protocol? He gave her butt two hard smacks and her legs swung out.
"You like that."
Her hand stroked the back of his neck.
"Good girl. So next week, I get to chose, and I'll be a Doctor."

To celebrate Christmas, I'll give away a copy of The Perfect Gift, my Regency Christmas novella to one commenter.

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Merry Christmas and Happy Reading,

Love R x


  1. Naughty, I like!!

  2. Gotta love a man in uniform. I love it!

  3. "....nether hole."? Oh, I love that image. I have not forgotten protocol and you gave it to us. Very sexy, very hot. Cannot wait until next week's doctor version. Please, do tell!! Love it :) xo

  4. Oh that is why I love firemen :) or even ones pretending


  5. Fun post, Raven. Enjoyed it. Got me thinking about the doctor already :-)

  6. I'd like to read what other fun games these two have enjoyed. Your flash sparks humor. Just what will happen when he plays the role of doctor next time? And what will be her role more importantly. Fabulous tease.

  7. Love the idea of this being a bit of play. Great sexy flash Raven x

  8. Very seductive, Raven! Well written and playful! I loved it! :)