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Please welcome Ivy and her Christmas Surprise

Hi Ivy, pull up a chair grab a Christmas cookie and let's chat. It's great to see you.

Hello Everyone!
Tis the season for love, joy, remembering loved ones who have passed, cherishing the ones still with us and let us not forget seasonal madness.
This year I've written a Christmas story very different than the one that I wrote last year. Unlike last year's tale which was cold, cynical and perhaps a bit too mean spirited for the Holiday season, Christmas Eve Surprise is kind, sweet, and heartwarming and it has an HEA ending which I've never done before. I've done Happily Ever Probably's, which have served the stories just fine, but never a full on Happily Ever After. 
So to get back to my opening paragraph in which I mentioned seasonal madness, I say this because I think sometimes trying to find the perfect gift for someone you really, really care about can make you feel a wee bit off kilter. While on the hunt for the present that you hope will bring about that smile from your special someone that could light a room, a feeling of stress or ultimate doom can cloak you at the mere whispered thought of what you think will happen if you don't find the perfect gift.
In Christmas Eve Surprise, Tim and Stella are doing what they can to secure presents for each other that are sure to show one another how much they care. However, their reasons for going down paths that probably shouldn't be taken in order to please each other, cloud their minds a bit to the reality of the situation. When presented on Christmas Eve their gifts to each other, while memorable yes, they are also a complete surprise. Perhaps a nice hug and a chat should have been on their Christmas wish lists.
Below is a list of links to all things Ivy including the link to my page on the Breathless Press website where you can pre-order Christmas Eve Surprise. It comes out December, 20th! Or, if you'd like to you, you can always buy another of my books including last year's icy Christmas tale Baby, You're Cold Inside. As I said, it's a bit opposite my new one, but it should still get you in a festive mood.
Thanks to Raven for lending me some of her cyber space today and the best of the holiday season to you all.
Warm hugs,

Ivy Bateman

It's Christmas time and Tim and Stella are on the hunt for the perfect Christmas gifts for each other. Since last Christmas, their hot love life has cooled substantially. Tim feels he's to blame and Stella thinks it's her fault, but this Christmas both of them have put a lot of thought into how to make the other happy and put the fire back in the bedroom. However, with such unorthodox gifts ready to be revealed, will their Christmas Eve present opening be a pleasant surprise or an unwelcome one?

Ohh look... here's an excerpt from Christmas Eve Surprise
 As the weeks crept closer and closer to Christmas Eve, Tim had had begun to worry that he wouldn't find a man that would have sex with him in front of Stella. He had fixated so much on this fantasy-fulfilling evening being his Christmas present to her that he'd not taken the time to find her another gift. Both he and Stella took finding each other the perfect gift very seriously. It wouldn't do if she was to present him with a gift she'd put a lot of thought into, like the beautiful chain she'd gotten him for his fob watch last year, only to be presented in return with a cardigan she didn't like or a hat she'd never wear.
He pulled out a key, unlocked his desk drawer, got out his black book, and pored over all of his carefully written notes. Tim looked at the dozens of entries he'd written about most of the single and attractive men in his office. None of them had seemed to be someone who would be willing to have a night of hot man sex in front of his wife. He felt doomed to give Stella a gift she would remember forever, but only because it was one he hadn't put any thought into. With a heavy heart he closed his black book and returned it to the drawer.
As he was locking it, his boss Terry walked in with an extremely good-looking man. The stranger filled his office with a god-like presence. He must be the new fellow.

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