Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Trust Tuesday... part Two

So Tuesday, is annoying...

Magnificent? He was bloody raging. His cock was on fire, his body throbbing, his mind full of pictures which had nothing to do with work.

Well, not the dealing wheeling work. No, it was full of a more earthy sort of work. Of working on her body, touching filling, fucking! If only he thought, disgusted with the images of her body naked under him, begging for more, he didn't feel like a cradle snatcher when he was with her.

He sighed. There was no point in indulging in 'what only's'. They couldn't change his date of birth, any more than Tuesday could say because she acted older than her years, that bloody age difference didn't matter. To him it did. Hell he didn't give a shit about her job-except seeing those patsies whirling around those luscious breasts was guaranteed to give him an instant hard-on.

He shut the door firmly on her departing back, and his employees. What the hell was he going to do next?

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