Sunday, 19 August 2012

Six Sunday.. From A Most Unusual Mistress

A Most Unusual Mistress was published last Friday. So my six has to come from it.

His voice sharpened as she began to open her eyes. “I trust you to do as I request; I will say when you may look.” His hands continued their exploration as he pulled her tight to his body, and she could feel the power of his erection hard against her mound. She leant in closer and with soft sighs and incoherent mumbling, tried to rub against him. The hand on her arse stopped its delicate probing of that tiny, puck- ered hole through her gown, and moved solely to her buttocks where it gripped firmly.
“Riana, as your master, I can control you as I desire; perchance my desire is to spank you each time you cross my will...” he paused, and now his hand caressed her curves.

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