Sunday, 5 August 2012

OOPS.. where did my post go?

I have no idea. I had a major glitch-fest and the lap top took a hissy-fit. I blame it on the fact it sees so little warm weather, it overheated and took a cold shower!

Seriously, I lost posts on here and on facebook, as well as some emails. I know, I must have done something, I'm not very techno savvy.

Let's hope this one stays.

The weather has been so mixed lately I reckon I'm in danger of becoming rusty. In my part of Scotland, we've had so little sun, every tiny ray has been greeted with me sitting outside with a book and a cup of coffee. This happens so rarely, my reading is neglected, and my caffeine intake low... however my writing and editing isn't!

Yesterday, in Ripon as I mentioned, it was St Wilfred's festival. One of the floats had to pull out after a short while because the rain, blew their sound system. That's such a shame because they put so much work and effort into them. By the time the procession got to where we stood and watched, the sun was out.

I have great admiration for all those who walked  and morris danced) the route. It's a fair way, and those dancers, both on and off the floats seemed to be non stop dancing.

The early morning has a distinct autumnal feel to it, and it's only August. It even got down to 1deg C in parts of Scotland last week. It's true what they say, The last frost of one year is in July, the first of the next in June. (think about it)

Well it has stopped raining, the sun isn't out, and there's been a heavy dew. I wonder what today will bring?

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