Sunday, 12 August 2012

In the Grand Scheme of Things

I have no right to moan, mump, or be a miserable git.

 I have several friends going through really rough, horrible, awful times at the moment. (You know who you are guys.) And by rough and horrible boy do I mean it. And they are doing it. Getting there, working things through and I love them for it. I could say their courage is amazing, and it is. But it is them, that is who they are.

In the grand scheme of things my aches are but a miniscule speck on the far distant horizon.  These friends have given me a well -needed shake up. I am lucky, and I need to realize it.

Well now I do. So thank you to you all, you will get there I have such faith in you.

Have a great Sunday everyone!


  1. Hugs to those that need them, and well said, Raven. There is always someone having a much harder time somewhere, that's for sure.

  2. Hugs as well to those who need them. It is only when others share their sorrows that we realise that we are not alone in this thing called life.