Wednesday, 22 February 2012

a visit from Anna Keraleigh

Am I lucky or what? Anna Keraliegh has dropped by to chat, and talk about her new book, Seven Day's In Jade.

Her'e what she says...

Have you ever wanted to experience sex with another woman? Jade is in this exact predicament. Her lover Ryan introduced her to the wicked wanton ways of m/f/f and below is a little excerpt of my new novella, SEVEN DAYS IN JADE.

Blurb: Jade is an unhappily married woman.

Ryan is a sexy Private Investigator who loves her.

He brings her secret fantasies to life, ice cream covered flesh, dominance, handcuffs and the ultimate desire of another woman. However, their wild sexcapade ends when Jade’s husband returns and their oasis returns to a desert. Can they survive apart now that they’ve tasted true love?

These lovers have a one-week affair that will change their lives forever.

Jade could smell him, that sexy musky Ryan aroma. If they bottled it, there should be some sort of warning label, ‘This man will make you a nymphomaniac.’ She smiled and felt a wandering hand on her breast. He was awake then. “Hello…” she whispered. “You’re a sex god.”

His laughter warmed her heart and completed her soul. “I didn’t even get to fuck you yesterday, you got all sleepy.” He kissed her exposed neck, suckled right over her vein until her cheeks flamed.

She did get all sleepy; in fact, she distinctly remembered shattering in orgasmic wonder. “Sex god…” she mumbled again and turned to her back. She was still wearing her dress and panties, her bra had vanished. “I thought I’d be naked already, and have your cock poking at my hip.”

“Baby, the second part is already in action.”

Ryan shifted closer and she felt his hard-on. Oh yeah, and what a lovely tease it was. Again you’re going to start without me!” Katie huffed with a wide grin. “Hi, sexy…” She winked at Jade who blushed all the way to high heaven.

“Hello.” She bit her lower lip and sat up. Her hands immediately slipped off the straps of her dress, her breasts in view. With a deep breath she asked, “Want to play?”
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  1. *waves to Anna*

    Fab excerpt! Must move this higher on my TBR Pile!

  2. Hi Anna,

    It sounds like a great book. I will have to check it out!