Friday, 9 December 2011

my offering...This Weekend's Dirty Dozen

From Wallflower's don't Wilt...

"So now," Bella finished. ""


"Exactly." Bella giggled. "I found it most amusing when Ivo thought nothing of how we make each other feel." 

She was excited and apprehensive regarding the rest of the day, and knew Serena felt the same. At that moment, though, nothing worried her except being held by Serena, mouths fusing, tongues meeting, feeling their hands on each other's bodies, using fingers to explore, entering and dancing.

Serena lifted her head. "Undress for me, Bel. Take your night rail off, show yourself to me. Let me feast my eyes one more time before we are able to do so together, in our own home."

Arabella nodded, pulling the thin shift over her head. Her breasts stood proud, their dark, dusky tips alert, begging for attention. Serena licked and tweaked each in turn.

 "Oh, so good, my love."


  1. I do love your naughty ladies Raven :-) A great twelve!

  2. thanks Doris, I'm rather fond of them myself!