Friday, 2 December 2011

on life and chocolate

It's cold. It's been sleeting and raining, I've shut the curtains on the dark, and I've been editing (sort of)
I'm in the lucky position of having one M/S at the proofers. To Please A Lady, to be released by Breathless Press on January 6th
 Her'e a wee tease:-

Her tea cup raised to her lips she was about to take her first sip, when Berry, the leader it seemed in all things, Her tea cup raised to her lips she was about to take her first sip, when Berry, the leader it seemed in all things, enquired in a conversational tone, "My, love, what know you of ménages? Where more than two persons indulge and delight in all things arousing together?"
Her reply had been to spray tea across the dainty table, and require her back patted to stop her choking cough!
Eyes streaming she had eventually composed herself well enough to regard both men, with wary eyes.
"Elucidate." She had managed briefly. She had watched as they looked at each other, before back to her. Again it was Berry, the man in grey who spoke.
"We have a capacity of love here, between we three, that is much greater than it’s sum."  Hermione was not conversant with the meaning of his statement, therefore waited, one eyebrow raised for him to continue. His shoulders under their form fitting dark grey jacket moved slightly.
"As you know, Ran and I are committed to each other, and will continue to be so. Equally each of us is committed to you, and will also continue to be so. Unless we are mistaken that commitment for you is equaled by a commitment from you?"
"Foresooth, my Lord," She had spoken in a mocking tone, somewhat perturbed by his admissions. "I fear you talk in riddles."
Ran had laughed. "You fear no such thing my Lady, you are fully cognizant with what is being asked of you. However to be specific?"
"Oh" Hermione had purred. "If it so pleases you my Lords, do so with my blessing." She had waited to see how they would phrase their request.
Simply and crudely.
"An it please you Hermione, it would please us for all three to fuck together, in a myriad of ways, discovering all we can do for each other an we do it. What say you?"
To see what she says you'll need to buy the book.

Regarding chocolate? Well I'm editing my next Regency Erotica.
 ALMOST ENTENTE CORDIALE is due our in March, also from Breathless Press, and to edit you need chocolate. Also an hourly dose of a certain friends new, very hot story is also guaranteed to spur me on. 
Although I'd forgotten just how hot AEC is. I maybe didn't need to light the fire lol.
And to cap it all I have two contemporary novels due out in the new year. So, on a roll and enjoying it!
 Back to get more chocolate! and check for my next red hot installment!


  1. *writes feverishly*

    So looking forward to your releases :-)

  2. You keeping busy is Always good news for your fans, Raven!! :)

  3. I have to say, I'm partial to these 3. I certainly can't wait to get my hands on them. ;)

  4. THANKS LADIES. I do think they are rather special myself!