Friday, 23 December 2011

I love christmas..BUT... this is not a Christmas Blog

I LOVE christmas. Definitely, irrevocably, deeply.

But this is not about Christmas.

 It's about baths!

Yup baths, those ceramic, porcelain or plastic, longish thin or not so thinnish troughs you can, if you so desire, wallow in.

To me if you need to get clean—you shower.

If you need to wallow, ponder, plot or dream, you have a bath.

It's the preparation. Which potion, lotion, or bubbles. Which CD, or ipod track to put on. Which book to read, by which candlelight. And which dream to follow.........

Then the long, slow, sink into much too hot water, to lie, and wallow, and sip, and sigh, and wonder. should I do this? or that?

I think this started when my children were little. The bath was the only place to get peace. MY time, my relax, and my dream-time. Then as they got older, my time to plot. I confess some of my best ideas happen in the bath. Not just about my writing, about clothes, holidays, even what to cook for dinner.

But I confess, yes it's those ohh yes, wow, must remember this, moments for whatever I'm wrIting on—or hadn't even known I was going to be writing on, that are the best.

I always say, I have no idea where my ideas come from. Strictly that is still true. I don't know WHERE they come from, just that a long, hot, lingering bath seems to release the best things in my mind. (not the wine, honestly)

SO, as a little teaser, here's one of my 'in the bath moments'. Taken from To Please A Lady, From Breathless Press on Jan 6th. Happy Reading ...

Her maid dismissed, Hermione removed the long plain nightrail she had been so recently helped into, and slipped her arms into a sheer silk covering. Or, non covering she thought, amused as tying the first of the silken ribbons that held its two sides together, she caught sight of her image in the mirror. Rosy nipples showed through the material, their darkened surrounds providing a guide to their presence. Lower, the shadow of dark curls hid her pussy, or was it that they showed the way to where it waited, impatient to feel the hard, usually impatient cocks that it welcomed? Oh the joy of having no pretense, being able to be honest and open about her enjoyment of the act of lovemaking, these last months had been so satisfying; those to come promised to be even more so. Tying the lowest set of ribbons, barely inches below those curls, Hermione could not control her compunction to sooth the throbbing concealed within. Her hand slipped beneath the ribbons, and touched. She closed her eyes to feel with her senses. Ah that first swirl through her curls and then, the sheer pleasure of touching her now wet lips, finding her fingers coated with the evidence of her desire. The intensity of her feelings shot through her like lightening and she gasped. Not from her arousal, however.
Dark velvet covered her eyes.
As she caught her breath, soft hands feathered across her nape as the covering was fastened. Then her hair was pushed to one side, and she experienced the press of lips, kissing where the ribbons from the knot of velvet brushed her back.
"My Love, you started without me? For shame. How shall I punish you?"
Her breath quickened. Her punishment had started! Knowing what those elegant hands were capable of, and unable to see how they explored and excited her to ever more passion was punishment enough. As her tormentor well knew.
"You were late My Lord, the play started on time, alas without your attendance."
A soft laugh greeted her remark. "Ah Mione-mine. I would be lost without you in my life. Shall I begin act two?"
Oh if it so pleases you, and three, four and five. However, never would she allow her eagerness to show.
"As you wish my Lord. Does it please you to leave me so hampered, that I cannot observe?"
She could almost hear his pondering, before... "Ah, I think so. Perchance you imagine and feel my Love."
 She pouted although her heart thundered and her arousal increased with thoughts of further intimacies to be experienced. A taut male clothed body was tight up against her back, a rock hard cock pressed tight against her rear. Hermione had to curb her impatience to wriggle ever closer to that exciting appendage. She knew her control would excite him even further. As it did. She held her hands loosely by her sides, not moving them behind her to touch and caress as she desired to do with ever increasing intent.
"Ah Mione-mine." It was a growl of frustration. "You so do arouse me to such a degree I fear I may not be able to hold back to give you the satisfaction you deserve."
"Say you so, My Lord? That is something I cannot believe, your control is legendary, your stamina ever more so. I cannot believe you have ever come without intending to." She felt his frustration and rejoiced.
A sudden hard slap on her rear added to her jubilation. The sting, the soothing hand that followed, the way it swept aside the silk covering of her gown, before elegant fingers traced around her anus, made her draw breath. She heard the soft sibilated, "Ah, yes." As she was spun around full circle, hands caressing as they spun her, her nipples, her breasts, her pussy, all fondled as they were skimmed and swept over. She could feel the brush of fingers on her sensitized skin as the ties across her front were loosened. Regardless, her arse was caressed, her silks slithering gently over her sensitized body.
A thought drifted into her mind, took hold and made her act. How could one man’s hands be in so many places at once? Impossible! Firmly she took hold of the two hands at her ties, and held fast, still feeling those that were softly stroking her arse. How dare she be used so.

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  1. Can't wait for that to release! And yeah, completely agree re baths. Some of my best ideas have come to me in the bath.