Tuesday, 13 December 2011

self promotion, or over promotion?

A while ago I read an article about self promotion. Now for the life of me I can't remember who wrote it or where it was. but the author was posing the question when does self promotion became over promotion, irritating and ultimately self-defeating?

It set me wondering. I am not the world's best at promoting my books, I know that. Perhaps I'm too laid back, and don't 'blow my own trumpet enough'? Or have I got it just right? i've no idea.

However, thinking about that article, can you over promote? Do you wonder as the author did, that if someone goes on and on about their work, they either doubt themselves, or it's not good enough to stand up on it's own merit?

Or is it the other side of the coin, the author is so proud they want everyone to know about their work, and are making sure they do?

How do you feel? Do you groan and think oh no not again when, a post, blog or tweet is about the same book, over and over again? Make you not want to go there? Or is it the opposite and it encourages you to go and find the book, buy it and read it?

I suspect there's no right or wrong answer here. It's all down to personal preference.



  1. Interesting. Me, personally I stopped sending out as many announcements once I looked at my calendar and realized. OMG I'm somewhere everyday! Unless I'm running a contest or something really special. Other than that I try to save the posts for the promo loops.

  2. It is an interesting question. Personally constant bombarding like that tends to get on my nerves. We all so it to a certain degree, just because we're excited. I know I do, but I hope I don't overdo it. When I see my tweet stream filled like that I just switch off, so for me, at least, it has the opposite effect to the one the author intended.

    I don't mind the excited squee, I've got a contract, release day, promo ones at all. But the constant Buy me ones - big no no in my eyes.

    I'm relying on you lot to tell me if I ever fall in that trap btw :-)

  3. Well, we all know that with my imminent first release I am in full panic mode! I'm not the sort of person who advertises herself at all and generally hates attention, which is why I find it difficult. But then again I do wonder that in the fast growing e-book industry how will anyone KNOW I have a book out unless I tell them?

    I agree though, that with the constant bombardment of 'Buy My Book', I don't tend to pay attention anymore and this kind of overkill harms the rest of us who just want to put the information out there.

  4. I get sick and tired of seeing authors promote their books over and over. This is going to sound funny as I'm an author myself.. but I will make ONE post on my FB page, my blog, and wherever else I'm involved and then I repeat myself. That's it. I think a lot of authors come off as bragging about themselves...

    What I do? I make posts when I'm writing an ms.. I update readers what my word count is.. ask them to name my characters.. I get them interested right away. Then I tell them it has a home. Then I show them the cover. Let them know it's available and provide links... and that's pretty much it. This occurs over a four month or five month period.