Sunday, 20 August 2017

#SexySnippets When the rabbit dies...

Oops yes I'm late and this is the reason...

(Fantastic weekend in Venice...)

But hopefully better late than never.

Because the Cleaner is out this coming Friday, from 
Evernight Publishing

The last book in the Death Isle series... 
Rhonda Verene never thought she’d find herself pregnant and on her own with no means to get hold of the father. If only she hadn’t deleted his number in anger.
There is only one thing for it, pull up her soon to be maternity knickers and find the one bit of family she had left—her brother.
Dan Traynor hated having to leave Rhonda behind. When your country needs you, however, you act. Besides, it’s not every day you’re offered a job with the dispatchers.
It’s not every day your ex crashes your workplace in search of her missing brother either, never mind the whole becoming a daddy issue.
With everyone’s life in danger, the time hardly seems right to resume their relationship, but love always finds a way.

Especially on Death Isle.

Pregnant...the rabbit died...up the duff...bun in the oven, knocked up and in the pudding club. The family way beckoned, just take your pick. Whatever euphemism you used it all added up to the same thing. In seven months give or take—after all she couldn’t be sure of the conception date—she’d be in agony. Plus, no doubt cussing hot as hell, panty dropping men. Her panties dropped, not the man’s. The thought of a bloke in Barbie pink, or little mermaid panties conjured up some mind-boggling pictures. Oh good grief, now I’m adding overactive hormones to the mix.

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love Raven (or in this case, Kera) x

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