Wednesday, 23 August 2017

#MidWeekTease with Dan's suspicions confirmed

I'm sorry folks but as this is one fingered typing, this #MidWeekTease may well not be up to scratch.

What do you do when you’re pregnant and you have no idea where the father is?
Ask your brother for advice.
Except Rhonda’s brother, Marcus seems to have vanished as well.
Finding Dan, was a bonus. Getting mixed up with the Dispatchers when there was a killer on the loose was not.
How could Rhonda and Dan sort their own troubles out until every other problem was solved?

It was going to take all the skill of the Dispatchers and their ladies to make this a happy ever after.

With one last careful scan of the area, Dan continued on his path back to the house. Before he reached the building they all called HQ—on a good day, and all things unmentionable on a bad—Darke met him.
Darke. By name, nature and employment. The boss man of the island, but not— Dan knew, the boss man. Darke deferred to Crabtree—in some things, not all—and somewhere there was a higher authority, whom no one talked about. Dan didn’t have a clue who he was and although he assumed Darke did, Darke wasn’t telling.
It made it a mystery, and one that, on occasion, made Dan feel uncomfortable. After all if you were a puppet it was good to know who was pulling the strings.
“We’re on red alert, and no I do not mean stop and do not go there.” Darke smiled grimly. “Our ladies are not the sort to cry red, as I’m sure you know.”
 That was the first time Dan had heard any of the dispatchers mention their preferences in the bedroom. Or should that be playroom? He wondered if he’d ever have a chance to look inside, let alone use it. His room was in the main house, not anywhere the couples used. At first he’d felt left out. Now he accepted he had to be accepted in every area of living on the island before certain things were divulged to him.
“I guessed as much.”
“Did you?” Darke stared at him intensely. “How perceptive of you. And?”
Dan shrugged. “Lucky bastards.”
Darke laughed. “Sometimes. Would it help if I said your time will come?”
“Yeah, but I rather think it came and went when I got called up here,” Dan said morosely, and sighed. “Ah well, into every life rain falls. Mine just decided to be a hurricane.” He counted to three and made sure he spoke in a more upbeat way. “Anyhow, not your problem boss. I’ve pulled up my big boy boxers and got on with it.”

“Just as well really.” Darke clapped him on the shoulder. “Something is going down, we need you in the ops room. No cleaning up at the moment, but if you do get a chance for some shuteye, once you’ve been briefed, I’d suggest you take it. Things might be about to get messy.”

out on 25th August from  Evernight Publishing

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