Wednesday, 16 August 2017

#MidWeekTease where is this going...?

I've written this and now...well, where is it going next...

~"Henry, honey, I've lost my libido. Can you help me find it?"
"Check your wardrobe." Aesop Henry—known for obvious reasons to all and sundry as Henry, he swore he'd kick the ass of anyone who ever called him by his given name—didn't look up from his paper. "I haven't seen it."
That's for sure.
MacKenna—known to all and sundry as Kenna—snorted and wondered if smothering your husband with the Barbados Advocate daily paper, because he didn't listen to a word you said, could be counted as justifiable homicide. After all a missing libido was a big thing.
So was the rest.

"We've forgotten excitement."
Okay, don't worry, I'll get some when I go out later."
Yeah, where? Certainly not with me. Friday night football, swear and moan a lot sessions were strictly men only.
"We need some kink."
"Try the supermarket."
I'll give him the supermarket. In between the fresh greens and the avocados maybe?
"I thought that new hardware store might be more useful."
"You know best." Henry looked up from the paper, smiled at her, shook his head and looked down again. "Bloody Marlins are crap."
"After all how else can you shackle me to the bed and make me come over and over again? We're fresh out of them."
"Yeah, just make a list."
"And I thought after that a little wax play, or even blue ball syndrome for you when you have to wait as well, could be on the books. You know where I say fuck off, you're no Dom and never have been, and yeah, I'll go to the hardware store for some kink. I bet Lester Ramsey would be more than willing to find me some."
"He's really willing that guy."
Kenna saw red, and it wasn't the color of the cushions Henry leaned against.
"After the last time he propositioned me between the fly swatters and the clothes lines I know that. He offered to try them both out with me. Maybe I should have said yes."
"Yeah, that… hold on." The paper went down and Henry stood up. "He what?"
"I thought the idea of me him and a fly swat might attract your attention."
"It was the clothes line that did it. We just bought one."
"Oh for fucks sake Henry. Listen up. I'm horny, and want to get laid. And not on a Sunday between the fishing and the football. Oh and not a wham bam in out that's yer lot flat on my back way either. We need to add spice, and no not the bloody sort that's in the cupboard either."
"Bloody hellfire woman why didn't you say so. Hold on." Henry rummaged in his fishing box and drew out an envelope. "Read through that and answer yes no or maybe…" He picked up the paper again. "And don't ever wear a bra or panties when we're alone."~

So what next?

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  1. Heh, I don't know where it's going but I sure would like to read more of this!

  2. Oh, I do hope you keep going with it and we all get to find out!