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#MidWeekTease with the fabulous Karin Baine

Hi all, for this weeks #MidWeekTease I'm handing over to Karin and her book, The Doctor's Forbidden Fling, which is out today.

so it's a bit of a different tease as you see...

Over to you Karin...

Today’s a very special day for me. The 1st June is release day for my latest medical romance, The Doctor’s Forbidden Fling, but it also happens to be my twentieth wedding anniversary. Life’s thrown us a few curve balls recently but like any great romance it’s made us stronger than ever. Just like Lady Violet Dempsey and cardiologist, Nate Taylor…

The Doctor’s Forbidden Fling
When a family illness calls Nurse Violet Dempsey back to the aristocratic world she spurned years ago she’s finally forced to face Nate Taylor…the boy-next-door she left behind.
Cardiologist Nate has come a long way from life as son of the hired help. Yet Violet’s return shakes his foundations—and his resolve to ignore his lingering feelings for her! But after one forbidden night, everything changes. Now Violet and Nate find themselves facing an unexpected future…as a family of three!

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‘How do you want to proceed with this, Violet?’
She was going to have to make decisions for herself and not get too comfortable with him being around. Once his idea was up and running, so was he. He’d thought he’d found his ‘Get out of Jail Free’ card by coming up with this venture in the first place. A pair of storm-coloured eyes had been his undoing yet again. Perhaps he could persuade her to start wearing sunglasses and prevent any further forced promises being made in a hypnotic trance.
Violet inhaled a deep breath as though she was girding herself for the challenge ahead. The first good sign she was in this with him. ‘We should sit down and go through the paperwork together to see exactly what we’re dealing with.’
It was the logical first step and the proactive approach he wanted to see from her. However, it also meant spending more time together. Inevitable, he supposed, and also the main reason he’d initially resisted volunteering for being her second in command. He’d already proved how weak-willed he was when it came to Violet, barely surviving the last test of his strength.
‘If you have everything with you now we could go through it in my office. I have some time before my cardiac clinic.’ His attempt to avoid a repeat of their previous one-to-one at Strachmore earned him a raised eyebrow and a grin.
‘I understand why you don’t trust me not to rip your clothes off if we’re left alone for too long, but I’m afraid I don’t carry my father’s shame around in my handbag. We’ll have to come up with an alternative venue. Somewhere with a glass partition, perhaps, to protect you from unwarranted advances? Or would you prefer I was immobilised and trussed up à la Hannibal Lecter?’ It was his turn to give the dirty looks. He was simply taking necessary security measures to make sure this remained a platonic meeting.
‘Let’s not make this weird, Nate. I’m sure even you’ve been knocked back on occasion without being made to feel like a sex fiend by the other party.’
She was right. By shying away from being alone with her he was turning this into a bigger deal than it should be. There’d been instances where he’d turned down advances from patients and colleagues alike and he’d carried on without giving it a second thought. He shouldn’t treat this, treat Violet, any different from anyone else. That was what had got him into trouble thus far.
‘I can’t say I’ve ever encountered that particular problem myself…’
He hit the jackpot with that one—a ‘tut’ and an eye-roll combo.
‘Well, Mr Smooth, I defer to your superiority in these matters. What shall it be? My place, yours, or somewhere neutral? Say, Belfast City Hall? It’s a bit of a drive but there’ll be plenty of people around to keep you safe.’ This snarky Violet put him more at ease than the meek version even if she was making him the butt of her jokes.
If he was honest, he’d seen enough of Strachmore this last couple of days to last him another lifetime. The city hall was tempting but that merely compounded the theory he didn’t trust her, or himself, not to act inappropriately. That only left one other option.
‘My place it is.’

Happy Anniversary, Karin. Wishing you a great day and lots of sales.

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  1. Great tease!!

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  3. Great tease, Karin. Thanks for sharing, Raven. :)

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