Friday, 12 June 2015

#FFF. Music for the mind and soul...

It's Friday again...

100 words

1 picture

Several authors

different interpretations

This is my interpretation...

It was the most important time of her life.
She had to forget the people waiting to see her there, doing as they wanted.
Now it was all up to her to give them what they expected.
Hopefully what they desired.
Calliope flexed her fingers, floated silently to the piano and hovered over the seat.
There was a sigh, and then an expectant silence.
She touched the keys. The music flowed.
The collective "ahh" was music to her soul. It soared with the music she created with her hands.

"That's a wrap. This film will break box office records."

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Happy Reading,

Love R x


  1. Interesting twist on the picture. It would be an eerie movie for certain!

  2. Love your take, Raven :-)

  3. Fabulous take on this photo. I did not expect the contemporary twist at the end. Caught me completely by surprise. Loved it. xo

  4. You got me. I was sure Calliope was a real ghost until the end. Nice bait-and-switch, Raven :-)

  5. Awesome twist at the end. Not expecting that to be for a film. Great idea and plot. More has to be told about this short story. :) Great flash.