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TGI for Panthers. I have Doris O'Connor with me today. AND a giveaway

I have to admit, When Doris is due on my blog, I get all over excited. Hot heroes and feisty heroines...

She thinks she needs to bribe me with Grandson cuddles. (She doesn't, but I'm never going to turn them down)

Hello lovely peeps. Thanks once again to Raven to letting me crash at hers. Not that it takes much to convince her. I promise her Budda cuddles, and as she will do almost anything for her grandson, that always works.

(Told you ;) )

It also helps that I usually bring my hot heroes along with me, but today, I’ve brought my heroine along. I thought it would be good to get the female perspective on being the meat in a two brother sandwich.
“Euw, really Doris, do you have to put it like that?” Kate glares at me, and I hide my grin.
“How would you describe it, then, Kate?”
Kate rolls her eyes and takes a minute to think about it. Just when I think I have to give her a nudge she grins. There is a mischievous sparkle in her chestnut eyes that I recognize only too well.
“Normal,” she says, and it’s my turn to glare at her.
“Normal,” I repeat, and she laughs. “Normal as in whose universe, Kate? Most folks don’t enter into a relationship with panther shifting twin brothers, and that’s leaving the whole lifestyle thing to one side, for now.”
Kate shrugs her shoulders, and pulls a face.
“Well, it’s normal to me, so there.  They’re the men I fell in love with, despite their magic act, and the whole shifting thing, because that did take some getting used to, and as for the lifestyle.  I’ve lived that for years, so that part, at least, I could deal with.”
She grins again, and I know what’s coming.
“Zeb and Arran would say there’s two of them, because I’m far too bratty for one Dom to manage.”
I smile at that, and I have to ask her.
“Are they right?”
Kate laughs.
“Mayyybeeee. I’m neither agreeing nor disagreeing. Let’s just say, I’m not that fond of being lorded over. Then again, Zeb and Arran…. Yeah, their combined dominance is something else. I  knew I was in trouble from the minute I spotted them, but I was certainly not going to make it easy for them. Those domly shifter types need taking down a peg or two occasionally, you know.” She winks at me and I have a hard time to hide my amusement.
“And I guess it helps they’re rather good at dishing out punishments too, right?”
Kate gives me a look as if to say, duh, and this time I don’t even try not to laugh.
“You should know, Doris. I seem to recall your Sir saying you were far too bratty at times…”
She has me there, so I change the subject.
“You mention they’re shifters, but you didn’t know that when you met them, did you? I expect that part of them came as something of a shock to you?”
“You could say that again.  Mind you, I was far more shocked at the blasted council. Talk about chauvinistic and outdated opinions. They wanted to…” I raise my eyebrows at her, and she blushes.
“Oops, spoilers. Best not say anymore on that.”
I smile at her and nod my head.
“Perhaps not, but tell me more about these chauvinistic attitudes. Surely not everyone at the council is like that. I think you made friends with the head of security, Cole Jackson, right?”
A somewhat dreamy expression comes over Kate’s face, and I know just how she feels. That bear shifter…. Yeah…
“Cole is mated to Emmi, who is human, so of course he’s not. She keeps him on her toes as much as I keep my men on theirs I dare say. Gotta be done, you know.”
“Indeed, so going back to my original question, which you still haven’t answered, Kate. Come on, dish the dirt, girl. Raven’s readers want to know what your men are like.”
Kate’s whole face lights up with her secret smile, and she puts her index finger over her mouth.
“Well, they’ll just have to read the book, won’t they? I’m not telling. I rather value my ass the colour it is right now, thank you very much.”
I laugh, and she grins.
“Okay, fair enough, but if you had to sum your relationship up without giving us details, what would you say?”
Kate thinks about that for a minute.
“They’re my Sirs, my mates, and I couldn’t imagine life without them. We love each other, the rest is just added bonus.” She pauses and leaning forward whispers the next bit.
“And between you and me, hearing them growl is the sexiest thing ever, and what they can do with their claws and teeth…”
She smirks, and I roll my eyes.
“You, Kate, are a tease.”
So, there you have it, that’s Kate. A heroine I loved writing, I have to say J
Don’t just take my word for it though. Check out this hot and somewhat amusing excerpt, which I know is one of Raven’s favourite’s bits in the story.

(it so is...)

Kate jerked awake what felt like hours later. A dead weight pinned her legs in place, and the soft exhalations of one of her men’s breathing sent instant tingles of awareness down her spine. With it came the peace that could only be found by being in the presence of both her men. Her heart beat faster when she realized that they were indeed both here with her, wherever here was, and that they were both fast asleep.
Arran’s even breathing tickled her neck, and it was his leg over hers that held her pinned in place, and on top of Zeb. His steady heart beat under her ear, and she lifted her head slightly to study his face. He had one of his hands interlinked with hers, as though he was afraid she would run away, not that she could move, which brought with it more pressing concerns.
She really needed to pee, but how to extricate from between her men without disturbing the sleeping beasts, and where on earth was she? Judging by the monotonous drone and the slight vibrations they were on some sort of moving vehicle. Her earlier dream came back to her. Surely not?
She propped herself up a little higher and frowned at her bra and knickers. The men themselves were naked, and her hormones woke up kicking and screaming when it dawned on her what the hard, hot rod poking her backside was. She gave an experimental wiggle, and Arran groaned in his sleep and mercifully moved his legs off of her and rolled on his side and away from her.
One down, one to go. Somehow she didn’t think extricating herself out of Zeb’s clutches would be as easy to achieve, and sure enough when she gently tried to tug her hand out of his, he grunted in his sleep and tightened his hold on her.
Kate sighed and giving up for now, looked around her. They were definitely in some sort of plush bedroom. The emergency lighting was on, and out of the small oval shaped windows she could see nothing but black sky.
Oh my God. She was on board a private jet, that much was clear, and she slapped her free hand over her mouth to stop herself from making a noise. She should have known that was useless, because Zeb woke up with a low growl, and she briefly looked into the eyes of his panther before they bled back to the color of dark molten chocolate. Her insides tightened in need at the instant flare of lust, and she lost herself in the smile that lit up his features, as he released her hand, buried his digits in her hair instead, and pulling her back down and on top of him, kissed her.
His spicy scent drew her in further, and when she groaned against the firm pressure of his mouth on hers, he wasted no time in slipping his tongue past her lips and taking the kiss deeper. His erection reared to life under her belly, and they both grunted in need when she straddled him. Releasing his hold on her hair, he grasped her hips instead, and Kate gasped when he moved her up and down his cock trapped between their bodies. Her panties grew damp and her body automatically readied itself for his possession, and she drew a shuddering breath into her lungs when he finally broke the kiss. With her hands flat on his chest she pushed herself upward. The action freed his cock, and it reared upward in front of her. Her mouth watered seeing the drop of pre-cum already coating the flared tip of his shaft, and Zeb groaned when she licked her lips.
Her gaze flew to his, and the intensity in his gaze made her pussy clench in need. She jumped when he trailed his fingers along her hip bone, and slipped them under the elastic of her panties.
Hmm, what have we here? So wet for me already, my little wildcat.” He grinned at her sharp intake of breath, and Kate clenched everything in a desperate effort not to disgrace herself. How to explain that one?
Relax, you’re so tight.” Zeb’s voice dropped an octave, and next to them Arran sat up mumbling.
Hey, not fair. Who said you could start without me?”
Kate gave a nervous giggle and immediately wished she hadn’t.
Please, don’t.” She gasped the words through gritted teeth as Arran sat up fully and lifting her hair off her neck rubbed his morning stubble along the sensitive skin there. “Don’t what, sweetheart? Good morning by the way. I think it is morning back in the UK. Not entirely sure what the time is right now, but in any case morning sex has always been my favorite.”
And mine.” Zeb’s deep voice joined his brother’s, and Kate bit her lip as she desperately tried to hold on.
Please no, I can’t. I need…” Heat rose in her cheeks, when both men laughed and shivers of need crawled down her spine when Arran gently bit down on her earlobe.
Oh, don’t worry, Zeb and I will take care of all of your needs, sweetheart.”
His voice, too, took on that delicious edge that meant she wanted to do anything they would ask of her, but she still needed to...
No, I mean, please, I really need to pee.”
The gentle invasion of Zeb’s long fingers in her pussy stalled, and he grasped her chin with his free hand giving her no choice but to look at him.
Amusement danced in his eyes, and he grinned at Arran over her head.
Do you now? Well, I guess you best scoot and take care of that. Neither Arran nor I are into water play.” Arran burst out laughing, Zeb winked at her and released her fully, and cheeks flaming Kate scrambled off of him.
Right through that door, baby. And don’t take too long, or we’ll have to come in and get you.”
Kate screeched and made a dash for the bathroom with the brother’s joined laughter ringing in her ears.

There’s no such thing as magic…
Kate doesn’t believe in it, let alone the panther sort Arran and Zeb Harris are famous for. Using animals in their act is just downright cruel. If only she could convince her libido of that. Instead she seems to have fallen head over heels in lust with those sex-on-legs twin brothers. Getting laid will cure this, surely?
When panther shifters Arran and Zeb scent their mate, they know they’ll have a fight on their hands. The delectable human morsel might be submissive, but Kate has spirit, never mind the small matter she has no idea shifters exist.
They want her submission freely given and not forced upon her by the mysterious mating bond. However, when their panthers kill while rescuing Kate, that bond might well be the only thing to keep them alive.
It’s up to Kate to save her Sirs.

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Doris is a writer of sensual, sassy, and sexy tales involving alpha heroes to die for, and heroines who give as good as they get.  From contemporary to paranormal, Sci-fi, BDSM, F/F, M/M, and Ménage, haunting love stories are guaranteed.
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