Wednesday 3 June 2015

#MidWeekTease Where we here about Julles, Gray and a set of balls...

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Jules is also teasing...

"I could read some more of your diaries. I still haven’t found the entry about the pool table.” Gray said with a chuckle.
Jules’ eyes twinkled. “Oh, haven’t you? Not a patch on last night, I can assure you. There’s very little room on a pool table, and way too many balls. Let’s face it, two well-placed balls are better than several scattered ones.”
Gray choked on the coffee he’d just picked up and sipped.
Jules patted him on his back. “Dear me, Gray. Got something stuck in your throat?”
His eyes streaming, he glared at her. “No, you little tease, but I can think of something

I’d like to stick in yours.”
His fingers moved in ever exciting circles inside her, his thumb rubbing her clit.
It was her turn to splutter.
Oh, yes please!
“Ah, oh, well, good,” she managed to say. Sheesh, Jules, lame or what?
“Right, sexual suggestions over. Seriously, though, Jules, I think I’m as well stopping

here, at least for a while. If you don’t mind. It’s, um...easier to brainstorm when we are together.”
Jules decided she was not going to think about what else it was easier to do. She nodded.
“Thanks.” He sounded relieved. “I’ll nip back to the hotel to grab a change of clothes.” He rubbed his chin. “And a razor. I decided against using your spare. Lady shavers just don’t really work on my stubble. Before you ask, it was all a hotel shop had the one time I forgot to take mine.”
Slowly, his fingers moved from inside her, and with that wicked grin, she was beginning to associate with him, he put them to his mouth and sucked.
“Mmm, nice. A reminder to keep me going.”
“You’re welcome.” Well, what else could she say? Can’t we just carry on and sod the rest? “No probs. I’ll carry on with my spreadsheet anyway, I think. The more info I can collate, the more aware we will be, if necessary. Oh, can you grab some milk from the shop, please? We’re nearly out. I can manage black tea, but need my milk in coffee. And somehow there seems very little left. Someone must have been using it.”
“It’s the fairy folk,” Gray proclaimed.
Jules sniffed, hiding a grin. “Well, they drink bloody great cups of coffee with their milk, that’s all I can say then.”
He gave her a hug. “I’ll make sure there’s plenty for the wee darlins,” he said in an atrocious Irish accent. “Sure, indeed I will.”
Jules shoved him toward the door. “Indeed, sure.” She sniggered. “And be off with ye. Too much blarney is not a good thing for a poor, defenseless girl. Sure it’s not.”
Gray kissed her, and she could feel his eyes on her, watching, waiting.
Jules sighed. “Not the way to help me push you out of the door. Go on. Get your stuff, and thanks to our supermarket shop I’ll be able to think of something nice for dinner.” At his lascivious grin, she added, “As well as that.”
She shut the door behind him and lay back on the wood. The doorbell rang, reminding her of when she’d first met Gray. Good God, had it only been two days before? A hell of a lot had happened since then. She put the chain on and opened the door. A hand snaked in and pulled her to the opening.
She caught her breath. Her heart pounded, her lungs tightened and fear made her give short, sharp gasps.
“One more kiss, please.” His lips brushed her hands. “And check before you open the flaming door, pet—chain or no chain.”
With a sketchy wave, he loped down the path.
It took a while for Jules’ breath to return to normal. She felt gloriously, deliriously happy as she headed into the garden to give serious consideration to the weeds. Jules loved the feel of the earth on her hands, the satisfaction of seeing flowers and vegetables flourishing due to her care and attention. Okay, her life had spiraled out of control, but she’d reined it back somewhat. As much as she thought she should be rushing all over the place and regaining the rest, there was nowhere to rush to which would achieve that as the end result—not yet. Therefore she’d do something she did have control over and would achieve the desired end result.
She turned on her iPod, put in her earphones, dug and tugged at the recalcitrant weeds around her carrots. Pushing her hair back from her face left a smear of mud she felt on her cheek. Overstretching to reach around a cabbage had her slipping and gaining muddy knees, but in her buoyant mood, she could not have cared less.
She glanced at her watch. Nearly time to stop for lunch. She would just weed one more row. The song on the iPod changed to an oldie, The Killers and Human.
There was a tap on her shoulder. Jules whirled round and screamed.

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  1. but, but... don't leave it there. why she screaming??? MORE plz!
    great tease.

  2. You're stopping THERE? SERIOUSLY? Oh, man...

    And yes, fantastic tease, love the heat between Jules and Gray, but DAMN, woman...

  3. Love these two, but a what a place to leave it!!!! :-)

  4. Oh, now, that's not fair, Raven! Great tease. :D

  5. What? Tease...๐Ÿ˜‰
    And hang on minute. Did he have his fingers inside her while he was drinking coffee? ๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„

  6. Great tease, Raven. I look forward to reading this one :)