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The Awesome Jorja Lovett shows us her inspiration for her top 10 entry in SYTYCW

And if you have a spare moment, she'd love your vote

SYTYCW Finalist!
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I still can't quite believe I made it to the top ten of the SYTYCW competition even though I've been working towards this for a long time. My entry, Belfast Belle, is a medical romance set in Northern Ireland, where I live.
The whole idea started with a pink stethoscope. I imagined it belonging to a new doctor just starting out who was such a girly, girl she struggled to be taken seriously. I wanted my heroine to be such a mass of contradictions, Lola seemed the most ironic name for a shy wallflower.  Perfect fodder for a brooding registrar, don't you think? I was also keen to get her to overcome her insecurities and for me, burlesque dancing is the ultimate celebration of the female form. Cue the fabulous Angelique in all her Parisian glory to teach Lola all the right moves.
I can't remember why I decided my doctor hero would be French, but hey it's my fantasy so why not? Every story needs an Henri! Of course both lead characters are fighting their own demons, so while there are light hearted moments there's also a heap of angst and I do tackle some difficult subjects.
Ultimately, I want the reader to go on the journey with Lola and Henri so why not hop on board? You can download the full story from the website and don't forget, you can comment/vote here: 
The winner receives a two book deal with Harlequin, so I'd really appreciate the support!

Belfast Belle

Old insecurities make junior doctor Lola Roberts self-conscious about starting life on the wards. It doesn’t help her concentration with a sexy French registrar breathing down her neck at every turn either.

A pink princess is the last thing Henri Benoit wants in his department. She’s a distraction and another responsibility he doesn’t need. Not when he’s still trying to make it up to his sister for ruining her life.

In the pressure cooker of A&E, attraction between the reluctant 

couple boils over into a night of passion. But, Henri doesn’t 

believe he deserves a happy ending.

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