Sunday, 2 November 2014

#SexySnippets where I ask...can I tempt you to Secrets Remembered...

Only SIX more sleeps until Secrets Remembered is up for pre order

so, where else could I take my #SexySnippets from?

“Don’t get bratty.” He stopped her mid-sentence. “Bratty subs, wannabe or not, get punished.” His voice was level, and he showed no emotion as he continued to look at her with his dark, unblinking grey eyes.

 Sub? Bratty? Oh shit, is he expecting a sub? Ailsa had a lump in her stomach. And for the life of her she didn’t know if it was a hot ‘Oh, my God, what next?’ lump or an ‘Oh, my God, not on your life’ one. 

By the next #SexySnippets this will be up for preorder on 

But today, you can read all the other #SexySnippets 

So, happy reading,

Love, R x


  1. Congratulations on the new book and good luck with the release.
    Nicely tempting snippet too.

  2. Pick "om my God" one!!! Congrats on the book :)

  3. hehehe, looking forward to this releasing :-)

  4. Oh I like this snippet Raven, I can feel the sexual tension but also the tension of the choice. It's a perfect hook because you straight away think 'what would I do?' <3 it!!

  5. What next, surely...
    Great snippet, hot and tense

  6. Totally has to be the hot one. ;) Congrats on the upcoming release.

  7. Hahaha. She could be in trouble. Great snippet.