Wednesday, 12 November 2014

#MidWeekTease... Ari is excited...

Well. hello once more. I'm teasing you from a book that's out on 3rd December, from Siren Bookstrand, The Alpha's Challenge.

It's my first book from Siren, so I'm very excited.

 When human Ari Mackintosh lets wolf shifter Jacob Wolfe know she fancies him, fur and sparks fly. Especially, as Jacob isn't a mere shifter. He's the Alpha of his pack and a Dom to boot.
Jacob cannot believe his luck when he discovers that the woman he’s been lusting after from afar not only knows about shifters, but is turned on by seeing him shift. It becomes clear that Ari knows far more than she ought to when she recognized him in his wolf form.
It challenges Jacob, as it’s his duty to keep the pack safe. There are rules to follow—rules that he breaks one by one, as he cannot resist Ari’s natural submissiveness.
When push comes to shove and Jacob reveals his secrets, he is fully aware that they might send Ari away screaming.
He has to take the chance and trust that she will stay.

He never ever backed down from a challenge and Ari knew it. Before she had a chance to react he took hold of the collar on her jacket and tugged. Taken by surprise, she tipped onto her back, and Jacob pounced. He rolled over and over with her and each time he landed on top he nipped her neck. Not hard, not deep, and not for long, but he knew fine well each nip would add to the excitement he sensed building inside her. To say nothing of increasing the connection they had and would hopefully have in the future. He might be a shifter and a wolf, but he was also a man. Combine all the facets and he knew exactly how to arouse a woman—especially one as receptive to him as Ari. His canines came in very handy.
She giggled and then the giggles turned to soft sighs and sweet little moans. Although they made him ache to take her, Jacob knew it was time to move away. It was much too soon to inflict his bite of possession. Hell, he didn’t know how he felt about that ultimate move, let alone if Ari knew anything about it at all. He rolled off her and sprang up onto all fours before shaking himself and growling a warning to her not to get any nearer.
Ari’s eyes widened, but she obeyed him instantly. Jacob wondered when she would start to query how she understood him in his shifted persona. And what she’d say when she discovered he could hear everything she said. He’d have to tell her, sometime soon, and give his sister what for. For now though, he’d shift and escort her home. The rest of the pack had left, but it was late and he didn’t like the idea of Ari wandering through his woods in the middle of the night, and unescorted. There could be all sorts of perverts out there. He mentally rolled his eyes. For fuck’s sake he sounded like a Victoria papa, and the stupidity of his thoughts could be amusing if you considered he’d shifted from man to wolf.
Jacob blanked his mind to everything other than shifting back to a man. As ever he revelled in the sharp pains and tingles that showed him he was changing. As his skeleton began to crack and rearrange itself he realized he’d be naked in front of Ari. Not only that, but once changed he always had a hard-on to rival any policeman’s truncheon for length and thickness. Usually, that meant giving himself immediate relief, but he couldn’t do that now. It would be bad enough to be starkers. Personally, he couldn’t care a jot. She might as well see what would be hers before too long, if he had any say in the matter. However he had a feeling it might be one step too far for Ari.
As his body jolted and settled into maleness, he heard her gasp. Not in horror, but more in an “oh my, I want” way. Or was he whistling for the moon?
“Yeah.” Jacob glanced at Ari, who was staring at his rigid cock. Already pre-cum leaked from the tip and coated the bulbous head. “Sorry, I can’t do anything about it.”
“I could though.” Her voice was low and husky.
“Pardon?” Had she really said what he thought he heard? “Say that again.”
“I said…” She paused and shook her head. “Hell, Jacob, do you want me to beg? I said I could help with that.” She pointed at his cock. “Shit, you must know… Oh, forget it. Excuse me, I need to go home. It’s late.” She scrambled to her feet and went to walk past him.
Jacob moved to stand in front of her and took hold of her arm. Her fresh scent surrounded him, and her erratic breath tickled his skin. This close, he could see the green flecks in her eyes clearly, and notice how her long honey-coloured lashes were pale to the ends. No mascara on then.
“It is late, so why are you here? Little girls should be at home tucked up in bed… alone.”
Ari sniggered. “Ah but you see, I’m not little and I’m not a girl any more. Nor do I wear a red hood. So, wolfie, I’m not afraid of you.”
Oh but she should be. Very, very afraid.
“Grown-up women are allowed to stay up late, and share a bed if they want to,” Ari said. “Wherever that bed might be.”
In the moonlight he saw her stare at the pile of hay in the corner of the barn. Jacob shut his eyes. Do not go there. Has she got me a death wish or something? Because that would be the result if I went further now. The pack had very stringent rules about what was permissible and when.

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  1. I like that she reminds him she's not a girl and she can make her own decisions. I think men forget. Great tease, Raven, and congrats for joining Siren. :)

  2. Ah you know how much I love this story. Great tease, Raven :-)

  3. Sorry I haven't commented in a while - real life has been kicking my backside. Fab tease!