Wednesday 7 May 2014

#MidWeekTease Where Jess wonders what she's gotten into

Morning all...

This blog would have been up two hours ago apart frpm two things.

Cofffee and the need to make coffee.

I was all set, and then as ever forgot the time and had a mad scramble to meet my friend for our daily walk. (after which I have more coffee)

But here we are...

Where a group of writers share a tease from one of their books or a WIP

Take it away Jess...

His eyes glittered with something like anger and his mouth firmed into a tight line. He looked as if he’d like to break something. My neck perhaps. Jess had the nasty suspicion that she’d baited him more than enough.
“Can I sit down?” She waved towards an armchair. It was covered in a blue and maroon floral patterned linen and seemed as if it would be comfortable. And not room for more than one person.
“Of course. Try the sofa.”
She looked at the piece of furniture he mentioned. If she sat there she’d need a winch to get up, it looked so soft and squishy. “Ah, no thanks, the chair is fine.”
“Oh, but I insist.” Before Jess had a chance to do otherwise, David took her arm and propelled her to the settee. His touch surprised her. She’d have bet her last bar of chocolate she’d shiver and her skin would crawl. That something that shouted ‘Master’ to her would usually have her running in the other direction. Now, with his warm hand on her arm and the smell of citrus and vanilla teasing her nose, Jess felt her body tense in a very different way. She was reacting to him positively. Her clit throbbed, and her channel muscles were announcing they wanted exercise by clenching and relaxing in rhythmic waves.
She sat and crossed her legs. Oh shoot and help me. I need to scratch this itch. Why after nothing for ages does it happen now? Sods law, it has to be someone who won’t take me as I am. Jess was honest enough to know that once David saw her reaction to him, he’d ferret out why she was sitting there like a scalded cat. She smiled up at him. “Are you going to sit down as well? Or is this let’s loom all over Jess part of your master plan to unnerve me? It won’t work.” She moved slightly, twisted her ankles around each other and did her best not to curl her toes up inside her shoes.
The seat of the settee dipped as he sat next to her, and let his thigh rest against her jean- clad leg. “So you recognise I’m a Master then?” The grin was one hundred per cent sex, and Jess’ body reacted predictably.
Her juices moistened her pussy, and her knickers became damp. She hated soggy knickers. Thank goodness I didn’t wear a thong.
Shit, bad choice of words. “I didn’t invest it with a capital,” she pointed out. “Nor am I likely to.”
“Oh, I’m sure you will, one day. And no, not when hell freezes over. 

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  1. Great inner tension in this scene.

  2. Huzzah for caffeine, and WOOHOO for unexpected desire that smacks you in the face (as well as other places).

  3. I so love these two :-)

  4. LOL. I love the humor. I'm sure he's the man to tame her cheek.

  5. I like her matter-of-fact way of looking at things. Great tease, Raven. :)

  6. Love when he says, "So you recognise I’m a Master then?” And loved your intro with the coffee, walking, then more coffee bit. Have a great week, Raven!

  7. Great tease, humor and sass :-)

  8. Love this! :)

  9. I love how he has her so wound up. Awesome tease!