Friday, 9 May 2014

#FlasherFriday Time

It's Friday... 

!00 words and a flash. Same picture different people, different flashes 

The song was sultry and suited her smoky voice. Her worry, her hurt, and her uncertainty shone through each throbbing note and colored each word.

Malena leaned forward and touched the statue.
The cold metal was warm against her skin.
The shimmer of the metal as it shifted and slipped, comforted her.
The soft growl crept into her, curled around her heart and made her pulse jump.
Surely not?
 Malena touched her head to the statue's heart.
The words drifted into her.
"Come to me. Be for me. It's time."
His mouth opened and she was his.

Dinner time.

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Happy Reading,

Love R x


  1. Very slow and sexy Raven.

  2. Lol, trust you, Raven. So sensuous and then, bang, that last line :-D

  3. Excellent with a wicked twist

  4. I did not see that coming. I'm loving the contrast and the twist. Great use of the photo, Raven. :)

  5. Love the ending, great suspense and twist. There has to be more. :) Great flash!