Saturday, 27 April 2013

I bet you didn't know this...


the very talented Jorja Lovett is here with a very unusual—and 

steamy story...

Hi Raven, thanks for sharing my new release, Titanic's Ondine. It's a story close to my heart as I live close to the Titanic Quarter in Belfast, where the Titanic was built. It's my spin on the tragic tale, which saw the 100th Anniversary of the disaster last year. Of course, I've added a paranormal twist and a steamy love story…
Water nymph Madeleine has spent a lifetime searching for a human she can marry to become mortal. Finally, she finds true love with Joe Marlowe, who has signed up as crew for Titanic. With her sweetheart set to sail aboard the doomed liner, can she get there in time to save him and find her happy-ever-after?
 “I find the setting perfect for a romantic affair. Glamorous
liners bound for faraway places, carrying young men with fire
in their bellies. Why it’s enough to get any young lady’s pulse
racing.” She ran a fingertip down his white shirt to distract him
from his questioning. That slight contact with the man she loved
was enough to start a fiery lust consuming her from the inside out.
The ragged manner in which he addressed her didn’t sound
like a scolding or an attempt to stop her.
“Shh!” A finger on his lips and a coy smile was all it took for
him to discard his gentlemanly manners and let his passion take
Joe was deceptively masterful in the seduction stakes. His firm
lips staked their claim with a series of breath-taking kisses that
almost made her mourn the time they had wasted thus far in their
chaste courtship.
Crushed against the rough fabric of his jacket, Madeleine’s
nipples hardened beneath the thin silk of her green dress—
sensitized and begging to be noticed. Joe didn’t disappoint. He
traced his thumb over one prominent peak. The simple over-theclothing
contact sent her body into raptures and generated an
ache in her loins that only he could remedy.
Her head told her to tread carefully. He thought of her as a
lady—pure and innocent—and not one to give herself away before
her wedding night. But that other, sinful part of her wanted him
regardless of the consequences. And that craving won out. She
pressed herself closer to him until she was left with no doubt he
felt the same. The ridged evidence in his trousers nestled into the
skirts of her dress, and she couldn’t stop herself from running her
hand along the impressive length of him.
She half expected him to back away in shock or disgust. So,
when he took it one step further by cupping her breast firmly in
his hand, her legs all but buckled beneath her. He scooped her
breast from her dress, exposing it to the cool April air. Her pussy
swelled with need. With each massage he gave her flesh, she came
one step closer to nirvana, moaning as the moisture from her
arousal soaked her skin and clothes.
Joe backed her away from the main walkway and pinned her
against the wall of one ramshackle wooden building, creating a
scenario Madeleine wouldn’t have believed possible. Of course,
she imagined her reserved Joe to be a considerate lover, but she
hadn’t expected their explosive chemistry to lead them to the
point of making love outdoors.

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  1. Good one Jorja, it looks really interesting :)

  2. This sounds incredibly interesting! On my to be read list.

  3. I have it on my Kindle. Can't wait to read it. Loved the blurb and thought That's a MUST READ!

  4. Sounds very hot and have always loved the stories of the Titanic. Congrats on your new release, Jorja :)

  5. Congrats again on your release, Jorja. This is such a unique take on it all :-)