Sunday 21 April 2013


#sexysnippets Sunday already..

As I'm writing this the sun is shining for once, so I thought lets have something hot to give the heat of the sun a helping hand

From Rian's Return

With one fast push, Ed was in.
“Jes-us.” He felt himself tighten, involuntarily trying to push Ed out, before he relaxed, rode with the pain and it became pleasure. He moved, pulled Ed in further, begged, sought, and asked for more.
The washing machine moved and pulsated, sending messages of untold pleasure through Sam’s groin, making him tingle. His penis reacted predictably, hardened and went with the flow. Ed pushed into him, filling him, as he felt that sublime pleasure of a hard, erect, and excited penis well inside him.

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  1. Now that's how you use a washing machine! ;)

    Great snippet x

  2. Hot stuff! You've got me on a spin cycle now...

  3. you'll never walk into an electrical superstore in the same way again, will you?

  4. Phew, hot stuff, for sure!

  5. Well that certainly leaves a reader wanting more!!

  6. Phew! Hmm there is something naughty about a washing machine spin cycle!

  7. Who needs the heat of the sun now... ;)

  8. Nothing like a better use for a boring appliance. Enjoyed the snippet :)