Thursday, 11 April 2013

Thumbs Up Thursday, or thank goodness Wednesday is over.

Take it from me, Wednesday is best not thought of. it is over, well over, and I hate to say that about a day in my life. After all I'm not getting any younger. *cue sounds of sympathy and shouts of you don't look a day over ninety* Hmm thank you.

So here's how it started and went down hill at a rate of knots.

I woke up at three,yes, 3am with the blinding knowledge I needed to let my H/h have sex. And I knew that Doris O'Connor would be sending the m/s back and saying so. She had it to redit, and she did exactly that. (that wasn't part of the downhill spiral, she loved the story, that was one of the plusses of the day)

Anyway I rolled over and went back to sleep. *wrong thing to do* I was woken by someone whispering...and DH snoring. The whispering was explained by the fact it seemed the radio-alarm had laryngitis, and could only speak in an undertone. The snoring is self explanatory. Argh, that was all we needed. Luckily it was only twenty minutes past the time DH needed to get up, but it sent the tone for the day.

I was going to the hairdresser. There was nowhere to park outside the bank machine so I had to walk ohh for all of 100 yards... lol. It snowed on the way into town... luckily I had the top up on the car. I've a habit of having the roof down as long as it's not pouring.

So I get to the hairdresser, get the color on (I was beginning to look like a badger by today, the roots so did need changing from their natural grey/white/piebald, to er a nice subtle dark blonde) I took my laptop and typed up a storm. No I didn't get to the sex but I got them almost there. And we dried my hair off to find...the darn color hadn't taken. So we did it all over again.  Poor Leigh my hairdresser was muttering dire warnings to the color stuff under her breath. I typed up another storm... still no sex, but luckily the color took.

So an hour later than usual, I drove into town. to find the queue to the car park like it was Christmas Eve. Did it mean I'd not get a spot? No it meant some idiot was trying to reverse park between two cars, and not succeeding. *sigh* Ten minutes later I drove into a half empty car park, and found a spot with no one within four places of me.

So I went to the bank. Three tellers and twenty people waiting... And I still needed to go to the supermarket and get petrol..

Okay to cut this down a bit, I couldn't see where to put the money in the pay machine, ( I usually usually pay by c/c) got given the bird by some a***ole who thought I should queue behind him rather than using the empty exit, and finally got to the supermarket. Now in town I thought I was being clever, locking my stuff in the boot. Yeah but I'd forgotten the shopping list. So I grabbed it and shoved it in the car whilst I got some bags out. And yeah you got it, left it in the car. So I had to go back for it.

Are you still awake? Shall I insert something irrelevant to see if you really are reading this and not skimming or yawning? Okay then...pigsties...

Well I got my shopping, got stuck behind someone who hadn't looked at the labels on her wine bottles and didn't want the £8.99 bottles only the £6.99 ones... well I'd have drunk any of them by this time...

Filled up with petrol, and treated myself to a bar of chocolate and a bag of Jelly Babies. Decide I needed a sugar fix and pulled open the Jelly Baby bag. Which ripped and flung sweets and flour over everywhere. Yeah don't shout, I know the flour was a dead giveaway, but I just reasoned I'd better eat them, because there wasn't a bag anymore.

Which is why I'm now scratching itching, spotty and not to put to fine a point on it... doubled up with a sore tum...*memo to self* don't forget to read the label.

Gluten intolerance is so not good. Mind you, nor is over indulging on Jelly Babies. I felt sick long before the yuk-fest set in.

On a positive note, my H/h did have sex (finally) and I subbed it. So now I have no nails and a sore finger from email refreshing and inbox stalking.

Have a great day,

R x

Oops andI almost forgot.

P.S. My next book Rian's Return is out tomorrow...
So I'm going to shamelessly plug it. I mean after yesterday, surely you won't begrudge me that?

and amazon...


  1. Oh dear! I'd be glad that day was over too!

    Fingers crossed for a nice easy day today :) x

  2. seriously, I was ready to go to bed and consider it finished... Itchy spotty and all...

  3. Oh Raven, what a day! Still, tomorrow is another day as they say (and I'm a poet). Oh, and just so you know - pigsties!

  4. Thanks Alison and brownie points for you for reading it all :) lol

  5. LOL oh Raven, I hope you have a better day today. And I spotted the red-herring word 'Pigsties!" x

  6. Life truly sucks sometimes. :( Ease up on the Jelly Babies and drink wine. It helps. Cheers.