Saturday, 16 July 2011

the next bit

Still riding high here.
 I finally finished To Please A Lady (Well it was going yo be called The Man In Grey, but it didn't really fit.) Thanks Doris for coming up with the name. Doris and I had a great brainstorming session, and both of us ended up with an outline for a story. So to stop digressing, I've sent TPAL to MLEJ (Keep up, To Please a Lady and My Lovely Editor Jackie) to give me her verdict. Fingers x'd, because to tell the truth, I like it EVEN more than 'Wallflowers', and that's saying something, because oh boy do I ever like 'Wallflowers'.
To make a week that started good, went bad, when dearmac got a supersensitive touchpad and had to go to the appleshophospital to be fixed, got better when the great guys at applestoreglasgow fixed it for me there and then, (thanks guys), get EVEN better; I got the cover art email for 'Wallflowers'. Filled it in with quivering fingers (thank goodness for new touchpad, I don't think the old one was supersensitive, just kn****red due to overuse :) ) and sent it back.
Now, I really do think this amazing, brilliant, fabulous, next stage of my life is all systems go!

So here I am, sitting in my room at the Hotel Missoni, Edinburgh, (ahem, not really name-droppimg), looking out on a very wet Royal Mile. Even at this time of the morning there's people-and umbrellas-out, with a wine-induced headache. We went to The Castle Terrace Restaurant, chef Tom Kitchen's latest (I think) place. OH MY. AMAZING. Fabulous food, and wait for it, lovely warm Gluten Free bread, and they adapted every course I chose to G-F for me. The G and T's and wine were equally as good, hence the headache! Ah well, will be walking a lot today, so the fresh (wet) air will help it it go! (B T W, why after I ate like crazy last night, is my tummy rumbling?)

Now:- back to my time line...... As told to me by MLEJ.

August 15th... 'Wallflowers Don't Wilt', goes to be finally checked etc by the proof reader/copy writer-think thats her title-to pick up anything we've missed. Another thought- isn't it weird how you (and others for you) can check, and recheck a M/S, think it's fine, and when you change it into another format, you see such glaring mistakes? I loaded 'Wallflowers' onto my Kindle to re-read and had to do an 'oh sorry, look what I've found' email to mlej.

September 2nd... M/S goes to publishers

October 7th... Wallflowers Don't Wilt, by Raven McAllan is published by Breathless Press.

Has a nice ring to it doesn't it?

I need a coffee... and a paracetamol!


  1. re my comment about mistakes,
    i read checked and rechecked this blog before posting it. The first thing I see? a spelling mistake. Grrr!

  2. LOL Raven! And I can't wait for the book to release - I'd be just as excited as you :) Have a fabulous weekend xx

  3. Ah, your excitement leaps off the page, it's great :-D

    Can't wait to get my hands on your book and say I KNOW her!!
    Enjoy your weekend and oh yeah...

    Still Here! ;-)

  4. You're a busy lady. I hope you get time to relax this weekend.

  5. i had a lovely weekend watching hot bod tight asses pseudo scotsmen in missoni kilts strutting their stuff. as well as fab company food and booze. what more could you ask for?

  6. AND now.. watch this space for Almost Entente Cordiale....